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GOLF: Area man’s new product on display this weekend

Merrifield’s Mike Lenneman stood with his product, Easy Golf Wheels, which are b

A golf course can be a great place to think.

The walk to the golf course was enough to inspire Merrifield’s Mike Lenneman.

Lenneman and friend, Roger Landsburg, were walking from the Madden’s Resort parking lot to the first tee box at the Pine Beach East Golf Course.

Landsburg, carrying a heavy golf bag, had to stop a few times. The short jaunt sparked Lenneman’s idea for the Easy Golf Wheels.

“I have a pull cart for my golf bag because I like to walk the courses so I figured why couldn’t you just put wheels on the golf bag,” Lenneman said. “They have wheels on your luggage and on just about everything else so why not on your golf bag, especially for those people who golf a lot.

“I made one for Roger and it was just a prototype. It was in the rough stages, but I tweaked it all last fall and winter.”

Landsburg hasn’t seen the final product, but he’s excited to see it.

“He’s a hard-working, ingenious type of guy that solves problems,” Landsburg said of Lenneman. “He’s just that type of a guy. He’s real handy with his hands and tools. He’s been working on this thing for a while now.”

What developed is about a pound of material that fastens to the bottom of a golf bag with the use of a few quarter-inch holes and connectors.

The product’s 1.5-inch wheels aren’t made to be used on the golf courses, but Lenneman said that it can be attached to most golf bags.

Lenneman said it takes about 10 minutes to connect the wheels to the golf bag. He said his work at General Rental helped him create the new product.

“We’re always inventing ways to bulletproof our products for the people that use them,” said Lenneman. “Figuring out how to do this was easy. All you really need to put it on your bag is a drill and maybe a hammer if you don’t have strong enough fingers for putting the fasteners on. Super Glue will help, too. 

“I also made a handle that goes on your bag. It comes with a handle kit.”

Cost of the product is $25 and will be displayed for the first time Friday and Saturday at the Outdoor Expo at Brainerd Area Civic Center. Purchases can be made there as well as at Crosswoods Golf Course in Crosslake and Ace Hardware in Brainerd.

Lenneman has to wait one year from when he unveils his product before he can patent his creation, but its development spurred Lenneman to create his own company, which is called Lenne-Mfg. LLC.

“It’s a low-tech product,” said Lenneman. “It’s not like a watch with a bunch of changing parts to it. This is stripped down to make it light, easy to use and easy to put on your golf bag.”

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