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TRACK and FIELD: Kassulker, Mauch, Terwilliger win two for Warriors

SAUK RAPIDS — Jacob Kassulker won the shot put and discus and the 4x100-meter relay team of Jordan Hayes, Dan Lauer, Jacob Goodew and Joe Nelson cracked into the Brainerd Warriors Honor Roll with its first-place time of 44.08 during Thursday’s Sauk Rapids Invite.

Brainerd also got wins from Hayes in the 100 dash, Goodew in the 200 dash, Nelson in the long jump and Josh Murrey in pole vault. Marcus Comstock, Justin Troberg, Goodew and Isaiah Smith all tied for first in the high jump.

Rachel Bartosh’s second-place shot put of 35-foot-0 placed her on the honor roll. The senior trailed only teammate Sydnie Mauch who won the event with a 37-6. Mauch also tied for the win in the h igh jump with Ashley Hauble

Toni Terwiller won the discus and also tied for first in the pole vault with Tara Young.

Anna Gessell in the 800, Lydia Herath in the 1600, Sarah Fairbanks in the 3200, , Courtney Ryan in the triple jump and Toni Terwilliger in the discus were Brainerd’s other individual winners.

The girls 4x800 relay team of Megan Holmes, Gessell, Allison Kosobud and Sarah Yeh also finished first.

Boys results

110 hurdles: 1-Mitchell Franzwa (Tech) 16.59, 2-Dakota Swenson (Brd) 17.23, 4-Jackson Walters (Brd) 17.87, 5-Jesse Zahn (Brd) 18.13

300 hurdles: 1-Mark Pederson (Roc) 42.38, 4-Zahn (Brd) 44.11, 4-Jeff Fiebelkorn (Brd) 44.13, 5-Swenson (Brd) 45.54

100 dash: 1-Jordan Hayes (Brd) 11.89, 2-Joe Nelson (Brd) 12.19, 4-Grand Reuer (Brd) 12.30

200 dash: 1-Jacob Goodew (Brd) 23.79, 2-Hayes (Brd) 23.91, 5-Isaiah Smith (Brd) 24.65

400 dash: 1-Jake Huber (Roc) 53.99, 6-Logan Davis 57.1, 9-Ryan Fletcher (Brd) 48.13, 11-Nick Oldham (Brd) 59.19

800 run: 1-Isaac Shella-Stevens (Tech) 2:11.12, 4-Gerrit Garberich (Brd) 2:16.53, 6-Justin Warling (Brd) 2:18.48, 7-Tony Sauer (Brd) 2:19.50

1600 run: 1-Wade Krueger (Tech) 5:00.94, 3-Riley Nelson (Brd) 5:03.86, 6-Justin Kuglin (Brd) 5:20.47, 12-Sam Guida (Brd) 5:47.95

3200 run: 1-Zean Baker (Brd) 11:07.43

4x100 relay: 1-Brainerd (Jordan Hayes, Dan Lauer, Jacob Goodew, Joe Nelson) 44.08

4x200 relay: 3-Brainerd (Justin Troberg, Cristian Einarson, Andrew Olson, Reggie Turner) 1:41.97

4x400 relay: 3-Brainerd (Dakota Swenson, Fletcher Ryan, Jesse Zahn, Joe Nelson) 3:51.37

4x800 relay: 4-Brainerd (Garrit Garberich, Justin Warling, Zean Baker, Jed Smith) 9:41.58

Shot put: 1-Jacob Kassulker (Brd) 48-4, 4-Charles Kassulker (Brd) 44-5.5, 5-Sam Lastovich (Brd) 43-10

Discus: 1-Jacob Kassulker (Brd) 133-4, 3-Charles Kassulker (Brd) 125-3, 7-Michael Glass (Brd) 108-11

Long jump: 1-Nelson (Brd) 19-8.5, 4-Turner (Brd) 18-6.5, 6-Logan Davis (Brd) 18-5.75

Triple jump: 1-Franzwa (Tech) 38-11.5, 2-Cole Smith (Brd) 38-4.5, 5-Isaac Johnson (Brd) 35-3

High jump: 1t-Marcus Comstock (Brd) 5-6, 1t-Troberg, 1t-Goodew (Brd) 5-6, 1t-Isaiah Smith (Brd) 5-6

Pole vault: 1-Josh Murrey (Brd) 11-6, 2-Jackson Dols (Brd) 11-0, 3-Tim Nelson (Brd) 9-6

Girls results

100 hurdles: 1-Rachel Wotzka (SR) 17:45, 3-Chloe Miller (Brd) 18:04, 4-Brianna Kruize (Brd) 18.17, 5-Karli Ring (Brd) 18:77

300 hurdles: 1-Wotska (SR) 51.00, 2-Kruize (Brd) 51.62, 5-Olivia Elsenpeter (Brd) 54.47, 6-Ring (Brd) 54.82

100 dash: 1-Justice Callahan (Tech) 13:58, 2-Hannah Lundstrom (Brd) 13.65, 4-Courtney Ryan (Brd) 14:16, 8-Rachel Ford (Brd) 14.89

200 dash: 1-Erin Stout (Tech) 28.76, 2-Taylor McElfresh (Brd) 28.98, 8-Laura Boran (Brd) 30.53, 12-Ford (Brd) 30.79

400 dash: 1-Kristin Wurm (Tech) 1:02.61, 2-Allison Kosobud (Brd) 1:03.76, 6-Sarah Yeh (Brd) 1:07.09, 13-Annika Watson (Brd) 1:11.28 

800 run: 1-Anna Gessell (Brd) 2:28.47, 2-Megan Holmes (Brd) 2:28.49, 13-Martina Giger (Brd) 2:57.57

1600 run: 1-Lydia Herath (Brd) 5:59.85, 3-Abbrielle Selisker (Brd) 6:04.49, 8-Giger (Brd) 6:34.90

3200 run: 1-Sarah Fairbanks (Brd) 13:34.06

4x100 relay: 1-Rocori 52.53, 5-Brainerd (Annika Watson, Emma Whiteman, Shelby Zimmerman, Beth Etterman) 57.35

4x200 relay: 1-Tech 1:50.35, 2-Brainerd (Hannah Lundstrom, Courtney Ryan, Taylor McElfresh, Lexie Rardin) 1:53.06

4x400 relay: 1-Tech 4:14.38, 2-Brainerd (Allison Kosobud, Megan Holmes, Anna Gessell, Rardin) 4:15.05

4x800 relay: 1-Brainerd (Holmes, Gessell, Kosobud, Sarah Yeh) 10:10.47

Shot put: 1-Sydnie Mauch (Brd) 37-06, 2-Rachel Bartosh (Brd) 35-0, 3-Jaylynn Lamb (Brd) 32-10.25

Discus: 1-Toni Terwilliger (Brd) 93-10, 3-Rachel Bartosh (Brd) 88-11, 4-Mauch (Brd) 88-10

Long jump: 1-Jessica Patrias (SR) 14-11.50, 5-Boran (Brd) 14-07.00, 8-Shelby Zimmerman (Brd) 13-05.00, 9-Oakley Paige (Brd) 13-03.00

Triple jump: 1-Ryan (Brd) 31-01.00, 3-Boran (Brd) 30-04.00, 7-Taylor Johnshoy (Brd) 27-04.50

High jump: 1t-Ashley Hauble (Brd) 4-10, 1t-Mauch (Brd) 4-10, 1-Kayla Lindell (Roc) 4-10, 4-Kayli Scammahorn (Brd) 4-08

Pole vault: 1t-Terwilliger (Brd) 8-0, 1t-Tara Young (Roc) 8-0, 6-Sherry Trana-Mudget (Brd) 7-0

Next: Brainerd at Moorhead Invitational 2 p.m. April 15.