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TRACK and FIELD: Huber rolls, S-M sweeps

STAPLES — Brian Huber won four events to lead the Staples-Motley Cardinals boys to first in the Cardinal Quadrangular Thursday.

The Cardinal girls also won behind double winners Jaelin Beachy and Lisa Reichert.

Huber won the 100- and 200-meter dashes, the long jump and the high jump

Beachy won the 100 and 300 hurdles, while Reichert won the 800 and 1600 runs.

Pine River-Backus’ Patrick Rudlang won the 300 hurdles and teammate Blake Demars won the discus lead the Tigers boys to second

Rachel Craig won the shot put and high jump to lead the Wadena-Deer Creek Wolverines to a second place finish on the girls side.

Kathryn VanDenheuvel won the long and triple jump for the third-place Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale Raiders.

Boys' team scores: 1-Staples-Motley 103.5, 2-Pine River-Backus 60, 3-Wadena-Deer Creek 36, 4-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 28.5, 5-Parkers Prairie 9

110 hurdles: 1-Zach Borders (SM) 18.25

300 hurdles: 1-Partick Rudlang  (PRB) 43.72

100 dash: 1-Brian Huber (SM) 11.36

200 dash: 1-Brian Huber (SM) 23.59

400 dash: 1-Dylan Temlin (BHV) 56.53

800 run: 1-Rob Odden (SM) 216.0

1600 run: 1- Rob Odden (SM) 507.96

3200 run: 1-Seth Bercier (PP) 11.10.26

4x100 relay: 1-Staples-Motley

4x200 relay: 1-Pine River-Backus

4x400 relay: 1-Staples-Motley

4x800 relay: 1-Staples-Motley

Shot put: 1- Logan Meyer (WDC) 46-11

Discus: 1-Blake Demars (PRB) 134-7

Long jump: 1-Brian Huber (SM) 18-6.25

Triple jump: 1-Blake Petrich (SM) 37-7

High jump: 1-Brian Huber (SM) 6-3

Pole vault: 1-Eli Beachy (SM) 10-0

Girls' team scores: 1-Staples-Motley 98.5, 2-Wadena-Deer Creek 71.5, 3-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 31, 4-Parkers Prairie 24, 5-Pine River-Backus 7

100 hurdles: 1-Jaelin Beachy (SM) 17.18

300 hurdles: 1-Jaelin Beachy (SM) 49.38

100 dash: 1-Emma Koskiniemi (SM) 13.66, 

200 dash: 1-Mikayla Wing  (SM) 28.9

400 dash: 1-Courtney Lisson (SM) 70.6

800 run: 1-Lisa Reichert (SM) 235.25

1600 run: 1- Lisa Reichert (SM) 544.3

3200 run: 1-Emma  Progreba (SM) 12.44.15

4x100 relay: 1-Staples-Motley

4x200 relay: 1-Staples-Motley

4x400 relay: 1-Staples -Motley

4x800 relay: 1-Staples-Motley

Shot put: 1-Rachel Craig (WDC) 33-9.5

Discus: 1-Kelly Pearson (SM) 93-9

Long jump: 1-Kathryn VanDenheuvel (BHV) 12-8.5

Triple jump: 1-Kathryn VanDenheuvel (BHV) 28-2

High jump: 1-Rachel Craig (WDC) 5-0

Pole vault: 1-Shaye Blessing (WDC) 6-6

Next: Staples-Motley, Wadena-Deer Creek at Perham Invite 4:30 p.m. Tuesday; Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale in Long Prairie-Grey Eagle Invite at Long Prairie 4:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Aitkin records two thirds

AITKIN — Bryan Zenke won three events while Carrisa Herron and Emily Lundgren each won one event as both Aitkin Gobblers teams finished third in the Aitkin Invitational Thursday.

Zenke won the 100- and 200-meter dashes along with the triple jump. Isaac Novak finished second in the 800 run as did the Aitkin 4x400 relay team and Martin Schroeder in the triple jump.

Herron won the high jump and Lundgren took the 400 dash. Megan Welshons was second in the 100 dash.

Boys' team scores: 1-Moose Lake-Willow River 199.7, 2-Greenway 90.3, 3-Aitkin 88, 4-(tie) Barnum, McGregor 60.

110 hurdles: 1-Coil (MLWR) 21.3

300 hurdles: 1-Vogt (B) 50.4, 3-Elias Peterson (A) 52.0

100 dash: 1-Bryan Zenke (A) 11.65, 3-Martin Schroeder (A) 12.5

200 dash: 1-Zenke (A) 24.98, 4-Schroeder 25.9

400 dash: 1-Cisar (ML-WR) 56.5

800 run: 1-Moonen (ML-WR 2:23.4, 2-Isaac Novak (A) 2:25.8

1600 run: 1-Hass (G) 5:37.4

3200 run: 1-Coughlin (ML-WR) 11:44.9

4x100 relay: 1-Greenway 50.4, 3-Aitkin 53.2

4x200 relay: 1-ML-WR 1:46.4

4x400 relay: 1-ML-WR 3:58.2, 2-Aitkin 4:01.4

4x800 relay: 1-ML-WR 10:02.1

Shot put: 1-Vargas (ML-WR) 43-3.75

Discus: 1- Youngren (B) 129-1

Long jump: 1-Zenke (A) 20-2, 4-Schroeder 18-2

Triple jump: 1-Hurd (McG) 36-6, 2-Schroeder (A) 36-4, 5-Elias Peterson 31-7.5

High jump: 1-Hurd (McG) 5-6, 3-Schroeder (A) 5-1

Girls' team scores: 1-Greenway 221, 2-Moose Lake-Willow River 100.5, 3-Aitkin 77, 4-Barnum 51, 5-McGregor 49.5

100 hurdles: 1-Neuman (G) 18.0

300 hurdles: 1-Grams (McG) 55.9

100 dash: 1-Giles (G) 14.24, 2-Megan Welshons (A) 14.26, 3-Carrisa Herron 14.29, 5-Emily Lundgren (A) 14.64

200 dash: 1-M. LaDoux (G) 28.62, 3-Herron (A) 29.5, 4-Lundgren (A) 29.8, 5-Welshons (A) 31.4

400 dash: 1-Lundgren (A) 1:05.4

800 run: 1-Muman (ML-WR) 2:57.8

1600 run: 1-Pakey (B) 6:13.1, 5-C. Sandberg (A) 7:58

3200 run: 1-ML-WR H. Redek 13:12.2

4x100 relay: 1-Greenway 1:00.3, 3-Aitkin 1:01.3

4x200 relay: 1-Greenway 2:01.6, 4-Aitkin 2:15.4

4x400 relay: 1-Moose Lake-Willow River 4:49.6, 4-Aitkin 6:07

4x800 relay: 1-ML-WR 11:07.6

Shot put: 1-Ritter (G) 28-6.25

Discus: 1-S. German (G) 89-11.5

Long jump: 1-Lundgren 13-7

Triple jump: 1-B. Giles (G) 27-8.5, 5-Kelsey Rom (A) 19-3

High jump: 1-Herron (A) 

Flyer boys win

ST. CLOUD — Eight individuals and three relay teams claimed top honors for the Little Falls Flyers as the boys team captured first during a Central Lakes Conference dual meet with St. Cloud Tech Thursday.

Luke Pennington won the 300-meter hurdles and was second in the 110 hurdles.

Amber Hines earned top honors in the shot put and discus for the Flyers girls team, who fell to the Tigers 96-80.

Boys' team scores: 1-Little Falls 111.5, 2-St. Cloud Tech 70.5

110 hurdles: 1-Mitchell Franzwa (SCT) 15:91, 2-Luke Pennington (LF) 16.36

300 hurdles: 1-Pennington (LF) 42.61

100 dash: 1-Kareem Rios-Dominguez (SCT) 12.46, 2-Ryan Ahrens (LF) 12.61

200 dash: 1-Nick Farber (LF) 25.49

400 dash: 1-Blake Toso (LF) 1:02.06

800 run: 1-Isaac Shella-Stevens (SCT) 2:14.21, 3-Matthew Masog (LF) 2:24.03

1600 run: 1-Wade Krueger (SCT) 4:57.36, 3-Masog (LF) 5:11.32

3200 run: 1-Stephen Luing (LF) 11:20.88

4x100 relay: 1-Little Falls 50.02

4x200 relay: 1-Little Falls 1:35.34

4x400 relay: 1-Little Falls 3:43.62

4x800 relay: 1-St. Cloud Tech 9:11.07, 2-Little Falls 9:28.72

Shot put: 1-Paul Kaczor (SCT) 45-2.5, 2-Seth Wester (LF) 40-4.5

Discus: 1-Wester (LF) 125-0

Long jump: 1-Elliot Kohler (LF) 20-1

Triple jump: 1-Travis Spillum (LF) 37-9

High jump: 1-Cavasio Edwards (LF) 5-10

Pole vault: 1-Jordan Petrone (LF) 10-0

Girls' team scores: 1-St. Cloud Tech 96, 2-Little Falls 80

100 hurdles: 1-Tasja Hoffert (SCT) 18.57, 2-Danielle Moran (LF) 20.51

300 hurdles: 1-Miranda Peterson (LF) 58.1

100 dash: 1-Taylor Pick (SCT) 14.31, 4-Moran (LF) 15.22

200 dash: 1-Erin Stout (SCT) 28.27, 3-Rachelle LeBlanc (LF) 29.6

400 dash: 1-Kristin Wurm (STCT) 1:03.82, 2-Manon Gammon-Deering (LF) 1:04.04

800 run: 1-Maria Hauer (LF) 2:42.19

1600 run: 1-Chelsea Rutz (LF) 5:49.83

3200 run: 1-Ingrid Floersheim (LF) 13:17.95

4x100 relay: 1-Little Falls 54.27

4x200 relay: 1-St. Cloud Tech 1:54.3, 2-Little Falls 2:02.36

4x400 relay: 1-St. Cloud Teh 4:24.23, 3-Little Falls 4:48.98

4x800 relay: 1-Little Falls 10:48.57

Shot put: 1-Amber Hines (LF) 34-9

Discus: 1-Hines (LF) 100-2.5

Long jump: 1-Hoffert (SCT) 13-9.5, 3-Stella Hecht (LF) 11-6

Triple jump: 1-Megan Seehusen (SCT) 27-0, 3-Stella Hecht (LF) 25-8

High jump: 1-Lila McGrath-Manson (SCT) 4-6, 1- Mariah Burns (LF) 4-6

Pole vault: 1-LeBlanc (LF) 10-0

Next: Little Falls at Albany Invite 4:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Okerman, Flyers first

MILACA — Devin Okerman of Little Falls placed first and the Flyer boys team won the championship in Tuesday’s Furman Quadathlon.

Okerman accumulated 3,981 points and teammate Derek Toso finished second with 3,915.

Also for the Flyers, Luke Pennigton was fourth with 3,858 points, Garret Horejsi eighth with 3,342, Isiah Korver 12th with 3,034 and Tyler Schwendeman 14th with 3,011.

Athletes were awarded points for each event in which they participated. Point totals were determined by time and/or distance. At the end of the meet, all athlete's points were added up to determine the top 15 scorers.