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BOYS TENNIS: Gobblers shoot down Hawks

AITKIN — Kevin Hughes and Eric Raushel claimed a No. 1 doubles match with scores of 6-1, 6-2 as the Aitkin Gobblers picked up a 6-1 win over the Hermantown Hawks Tuesday.

Dan Klucas-Adam Burke and Ryan Anderson-Ryan Rosemore also earned doubles victories for the Gobblers.

Aitkin 6, Hermantown 1


No. 1: Alex Anderson (Ait) def. Jeremy Amys 6-4, 6-4

No. 2: Jack Reeves (Ait) def. Joel Estafson 6-1, 6-3

No. 3: Lyle Nyberg (Ait) def. Cody Neubarth 6-2, 6-2

No. 4: Nakul Aggarwal (H) def. Tyler Michaeletz (Ait) 6-4, 7-5


No. 1: Kevin Hughes-Eric Raushel (Ait) def. Jesse Dyson-Brett Sterk 6-1, 6-2 

No. 2: Dan Klucas-Adam Burke (Ait) def. Shawn Gibbons-Brody Dammer 6-2, 6-1

No. 3: Ryan Anderson-Ryan Rosemore (Ait) def. Travis Peterson-Joel Fitter 6-4, 6-4

Overall: A 3-3. Next: Aitkin at Virginia 10 a.m. and Eveleth-Gilbert 12:30 p.m. Monday.