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SECTION 7-1A TRUE TEAM: Pillager boys win title, advance to state

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SECTION 7-1A TRUE TEAM: Pillager boys win title, advance to state
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HOLDINGFORD — Shane White, Wesley DeLong, and Matt Neurerur each recorded two wins as the Pillager Huskies boys punched their ticket to the Class 1A state True Team meet with a first-place finish in the Section 7-1A True Team meet Tuesday.


Also earning top marks were Cory VanHall and the 4x400 and 4x800 relay teams as the Huskies amassed 25 top-ten finishes.

Jackie White (300 hurdles) and Dawn Swartz (triple jump) both finished third for the Pillager girls, who finished seventh.

Pierz’s Amber Priemesberger finished third in the 100 hurdles and high jump, and Cassie Stangl claimed second in the pole vault as the Pioneer girls finished fifth and placed in the top 10 in six events.

Tyler Millner, Dustin Waytashek, Tyler Kieffer and two Pierz relay teams earned top-10 finishes as the Pioneer boys finished seventh. 

The Pillager boys will compete in the 1A state meet May 21 at Stillwater High School.

Boys team scores (13 teams): 1-Pillager 692, 2-Maple Lake 673.5, 3-Esko 671, 4-Two Harbors 655.5, 5-Holdingford 625.5, 6-Moose Lake/Willow River 503.5, 7-Pierz 472 

110 hurdles: 1-Shane White (Pil) 16.18

300 hurdles: 1-White (Pil) 43.2, 10-Tyler Millner (Prz) 46.05

100 dash: 1-Caleb Hamp-Sill (TH) 11.88, 4-White (Pil) 12.15

200 dash: 1-Hamp-Sill (TH) 23.06, 6-Sean Nokken (Pil) 24.28

400 dash: 1-Wesley DeLong (Pil) 50.86

800 run: 1-DeLong (Pil) 2:06.28

1600 run: 1-Matt Neurerur (Pil) 4:42.77

3200 run: 1-Jackson Lindquist (E) 10:24.2, 6-Trevor Rohloff (Pil) 11:11.46

4x100 relay: 1-Two Harbors 46.17, 5-Pillager 47.22

4x200 relay: 1-Holdingford 1:35.29, 2-Pillager 1:37.35

4x400 relay: 1-Pillager 3:33.89, 6-Pierz 3:46.96

4x800 relay: 1-Pillager 8:45.21, 7-Pierz 9:25.06

Shot put: 1-Nathan Vargas (ML/WL) 46-0.5, 2-Dustin Waytashek (Prz) 42-5

Discus: 1-Austin Weaver (R) 127-11, 3-Rian Hutchison (Pil) 121-10

Long jump: 1-Hamp-Sill (TH) 21-5.75, 7-DeLong 20-2

Triple jump: 1-Hamp-Sill (TH) 43-3, 5-Jacob Weizenneger (Pil) 40-8

High jump: 1-Chase Rueger (HF) 6-0, 6-Matt Neurerur (Pil) 5-8

Pole vault: 1-Cory VanHall (Pil) 12-0, 7-Tyler Kieffer (Prz) 9-0

Girls team scores (14 teams): 1-Esko 842.5, 2-Holdingford 669, 3-Maple Lake 640, 4-Mille Lacs 597, 5-Pierz 587, 6-Hinckley-Finlayson 567.5, 7-Pillager 567

100 hurdles: 1-Krista Graff (HF) 16.95, 3-Amber Preimesberger (Prz) 17.49

300 hurdles: 1-Caitlyn Lilly (E) 49.07, 3-Jackie White (Pil) 50.8

100 dash: 1-Alyson Glumac (E) 13.39, 7-Cassie Stangl (Prz) 14.27

200 dash: 1-Glumac (E) 26.98, 11-Stangl (Prz) 29.28

400 dash: 1-Kate Shelerud (E) 1:02.5, 6-Kim Rardin (Pil) 1:04.65

800 run: 1-Marisa Shady (E) 2:30.57, 5-Tracie Wimmer (Prz) 2:35.87

1600 run: 1-McKenzie Holt (SCC) 5:24.96, 8-Sarah Neururer (Pil) 5:43.22

3200 run: 1-Holt (SCC) 11:43.37, 5-Amber Posner (Pil) 12:45.55

4x100 relay: 1-St. John’s Prep 53.07, 8-Pillager 58.78

4x200 relay: 1-Esko 1:51.32, 4-Pierz 1:59.34

4x400 relay: 1-Pillager 4:16.46, 7-Pierz 4:34.49

4x800 relay: 1-Moose Lake/Willow River 10:13.35, 3-Pillager 10:24.36

Shot put: 1-Chelsea Gerads (H) 34-5.75, 7-Alyssa Boser (Prz) 29-5

Discus: 1-Stephanie McGregor (TH) 10-5, 9-Lindsay Monson (Prz) 89-11

Long jump: 1-Megan Wiener (R) 17-1, 7-White (Pil) 14-10.5

Triple jump: 1-Glumac (E) 32-11.25, 3-Dawn Swartz (Pil) 32-6.5

High jump: 1-Janae Beauudot (E) 5-0, 3-Amber Preimesberger (Prz) 4-10, 4-Bridget Bednar (Prz) 4-10

Pole vault: 1-Cassidy Dunkley (HF) 9-0, 2-Cassie Stangl (Prz) 8-6

Next: Pillager at Crosby-Ironton Invite 4 p.m. Monday; Pierz at Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa 3 p.m. Tuesday.