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GIRLS TRACK AND FIELD Warriors slip past Spuds, advance to state

Having one of the state’s best 4x800-meter relays didn’t mean much for Thursday’s Section 8-3A True Team meet.

Instead of blowing away the field for one event, the Brainerd Warriors dismantled their record-breaking 4x800. The strategy worked as they collected more points with their first, third and fourth finish in the open 800. 

That event helped Brainerd win the section by two points over second-place Moorhead at Adamson Field.

Winning the 800 was Megan Holmes in 2:22.68. Allison Kosobud was third and Anna Gessell finished fourth.

“Anna and I wanted to go out really hard because we were in kind of the slower heat, even though it ended up being the faster heat,” said Holmes. “We wanted to go out fast and then just bring it home. It ended up being a little slower than we hoped, but I think we brought it home pretty hard.”

Kosobud was in the first, or faster heat, and won it with her 2:26.28 to set the stage for Holmes and Gessell in the second heat. The threesome scored 67 points in the one event.

“I usually start out slower than I should so I’m working on gradually starting faster as the season goes on,” said Kosobud. “My goal today was to start out fast and then try to maintain it. At the end I just turned it on with all I got. I’m running for the team.”

The same three girls scored 52 points in the 1600 run as Holmes finished sixth, Gessell eighth and Kosobud ninth.

While Gessell, Holmes, Kosobud and Sarah Yeh didn’t get to flaunt their 4x800 prowess, they did seal the deal for Brainerd with a first-place finish in the 4x400 relay.

“We try to stack the true team meet so you have all your individuals scoring the most points since everyone counts for this meet and the relays don’t score as many points,” said Holmes. “We didn’t stack the 4x8 today and so we stacked the mile, 800 and the 4x4 to score as many points for the team as possible.

“We wanted to get to state. All the girls worked hard. We’re strong in our distance and our throwing and in our jumping, but it will be tough. The sprinters have really shown what they have today.”

Brainerd’s 4x100 contained four of those sprinters that shined Thursday. The group of Taylor McElfresh, Hannah Lundstrom, Courtney Ryan and Shelby Zimmerman won the event with  a 51.14.

“We have two freshmen on this team so they were kind of nervous,” said McElfresh, the lone senior on the relay. “Our leadoff girl, this was her second time running this.

“We were hoping it would be close between first and second. I heard Rosy Erickson (Alexandria) behind me and I just told myself I cannot lose this.”

Lundstrom added seconds in the 100 and 200 dashes.

Sydnie Mauch won the shot put with a 36-foot-11 effort.

Girls team scores: 1-Brainerd 726.5, 2-Moorhead 724.5, 3-Monticello 714.5, 4-Alexandria 683, 5-Buffalo 578, 6-Bemidji 530.5, 7-Sauk Rapids 470, 8-St. Cloud Apollo 319

100 hurdles: 1-Jolynn Warnes (Alex) 15.75, 3-Chloe Miller (Brd) 16.40, 11-Olivia Elsenpeter (Brd) 17.47, 14-Brianna Kruize (Brd) 17.94

300 hurdles: 1-Rachel Wotzka (SR) 48.42, 7-Kruize (Brd) 49.62, 12-Elsenpeter (Brd) 51.19, 19-Taylor Johnshoy (Brd) 53.49

100 dash: 1-Roseanne Erickson (Alex) 12.81, 2-Hannah Lundstrom (Brd) 12.82, 6-Courtney Ryan (Brd) 13.08, 13-Taylor McElfresh (Brd) 13.51

200 dash: 1-Erickson (Alex) 25.76, 2-Lundstrom (Brd) 25.89, 8-Ryan (Brd) 27.41, 10-McElfresh (Brd) 27.70

400 dash: 1-Ashley Heinze (Moor) 1:00.22, 6-Sarah Yeh (Brd) 1:-04.38, 14-Maria Comeau (Brd) 1:05.81, 23-Sophie Campbell (Brd) 1:08.3

800 run:  1-Megan Holmes (Brd) 2:22.68, 3-Allison Kosobud (Brd) 2:26.28, 4-Anna Gessell (Brd) 2:26.53

1600 run: 1-Erica Seidenkranz (Mont) 5:10.72, 6-Megan Holmes (Brd) 5:23.29, 8-Anna Gessell (Brd) 5:27.32, 9-Allison Kosobud (Brd) 5:27.83

3200 run: 1-Jamie Piepenburg (Alex) 10:58.02, 10-Michaela Quast (Brd) 12:28.88, 12-Lydia Herath (Brd) 12:38.64, 14-Sarah Fairbanks (Brd) 12:57.08

4x100 relay: 1-Brainerd (Taylor McElfresh, Hannah Lundstrom, Courtney Ryan, Shelby Zimmerman) 51.14

4x200 relay: 1-Monticello 1:52.31, 5-Brainerd (Shelby Zimmerman, Maria Comea, Olivia Elsenpeter, Rachael Ford) 1:54.30

4x400 relay: 1-Brainerd (Kosobud, Yeh, Gessell, Holmes) 4:12.89

4x800 relay: 1-Monticello 9:52.32, 5-Brainerd (Sarah Fairbanks, Lydia Herath, Sophie Campbell, Sarah Yeh) 10:35.21

Shot put: 1-Sydnie Mauch (Brd) 36-11, 5-Jalynn Lamb (Brd) 33-1, 10-Rachel Bartosh (Brd) 31-6

Discus: 1-Brittany Ludwig (Alex) 118-10, 3-Bartosh (Brd) 113-3, 4-Toni Terwilliger (Brd) 109-0, 7-Sydnie Mauch (Brd) 99-6

Long jump: 1-Chantel Midas (Apollo) 16-10, 7t-McElfresh (Brd) 14-10, 17-Miller (Brd) 13-10, 22-Paige Oakley (Brd) 12-9

Triple jump: 1-Sadie Fedor (Mont) 34-2, 5-Ryan (Brd) 31-8, 14-Laura Boran (Brd) 29-2.5, 21-Taylor Johnshoy (Brd) 27-3.5

High jump: 1-Chelsea Klemetson (Moor) 5-2, 11-Kayli Skinner (Brd) 4-8, 17-Sydnie Mauch (Brd) 4-6, 20-Kayla Logelin (Brd) 4-6

Pole vault: 1-Olivia Khauv (Mont) 9-6, 4-Toni Terwilliger (Brd) 9-0, 9-Sherry Mudgett (Brd) 7-0, 22-Elizabeth Etterman (Brd) 6-0

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Becca Clemens
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