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Ebert wins, makes it 2 in a row

BARROWS — Shane Sabraski, Tim Johnson and Don Eischens returned to their winning ways and Dan Ebert stayed hot as the second week of racing was completed under a clear sky at North Central Speedway.

Eischens had the winning Super Stock car and said he didn’t need to make many adjustments to his vehicle.

“We haven’t had to make a lot of adjustments and the track has been good considering the bad weather that we’ve had,” Eischens said. “Cliff has put a lot of time and effort into this place and has it pretty good. I would say in another month it’s going to be a lot better.”

Brandon Mehrwerth secured his first win of the season in the Hornet class. Derek Brenny did the same in the Outlaw Hornets class. 

Tom Anderson was a surprise winner in the Pure Stock feature. Anderson is in his second year of racing in the class and started the season with a seventh-place finish. In Saturday night’s feature event, Anderson grabbed the lead on lap two and held off both Bill Nelson and a hard-charging Gary Ohnstad Jr. Anderson said he could feel Ohnstad Jr. on his bumper for the duration of the race.

Last year’s Street Stock champion, Tim Johnson, finished in second place behind Mark Johnson in the season opener.  Tim Johnson got back in the win column as he led the feature for the last 10 laps.

Ebert took his second checkered flag in as many weeks with a dominating run. He moved through lapped traffic and separated himself from the rest of the field when a caution flag came out with just one lap remaining. Ebert left no doubt on the restart that it was his night, finishing in front of Scott Bintz and Shane Sabraski.

Eischens finished outside of the top 10 in last week’s Super Stock feature event. Saturday he owned a front-row start and made the most of it as he led  the entire 20 laps. Eischens separated from the field during the early part of the race and never lost the advantage.

Eischens said the track changes have given drivers confidence running through the corners.

“You can run the same line, but you notice that there is more banking in the track,” Eischens said. “We can carry more speed through the corners, but other then that it’s pretty much the same.”

Sabraski grabbed his second first-place trophy by wining the A Modified feature. Sabraski won the Super Stock last week. Sabraski ran three cars, (Midwest Modified, Super Stock, and A Modified) late last season and is doing the same this year.  He admits there are advantages and disadvantages to running multiple rides.

“I like the challenge,” he said. “The negative is that if I know the track is changing, I can’t be back here changing my car because I’m in a car. However, on the good side, I can tell where the track is good and bad. When I was just out there in my Super Stock, I knew the car was good on the bottom in turns one and two. Danny (Dan Ebert) kept running high, and I was able to get by him in the A Mod race.”

Ebert started from row two and grabbed the lead as he moved out from Sabraski. Sabraski caught Ebert after just four laps and gained the top spot.

“It seemed like last week Danny (Ebert) had a little more forward drive then I did,” Sabraski said.

“This week we did some stuff to the car during intermission to give it more forward drive.  The first caution about two laps into the race, I gave my pit crew the thumbs up because I knew it was good. I think the car is going through the corner really well.”


Feature: 1-Brandon Mehrwerth, 2-Dana Voigt, 3-Clint Walstrom


Feature: 1-Derek Brenny, 2-Mike Cyrus


Feature: 1-Tom Anderson, 2-Gary Ohnstad Jr, 3-Bill Nelson

B Feature: 1-Lance Sprague, 2-Logan Baumann, 3-Devin Larson

Heat 1: 1-Ryan Larson, 2-Gary Ohnstad Jr, 3-Buck Smude

Heat 2: 1-Tom Anderson, 2-Mark Olson, 3-Richard Nelson

Heat 3: 1-Jonny Moe, 2-Bill Nelson, 3-Pat Zerfas


Feature: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-John Yilek, 3-Scott Baron

Heat 1: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Justin Pogones, 3-Scott Baron

Heat 2: 1-John Yilek, 2-Christina Wollak, 3-Tony Yezek 


Feature: 1-Dan Ebert, 2-Scott Bintz, 3-Shane Sabraski

B Feature: 1-Matt Weisman, 2-Josh Larsen, 3-Travis Hilmerson

Heat 1: 1-Cole Haugland, 2-Shane Sabraski, 3-Bryan Hilmerson

Heat 2: 1-Dan Ebert, 2-Danny Vang, 3-Dennis Czech

Heat 3: 1-Scott Bintz, 2-Ricky Hamel, 3-Kevin Newgard


Feature: 1-Don Eischens, 2-Dave Read, 3-Tim Johnson

Heat 1: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Kevin Burdick, 3-Derek Sweet 

Heat 2: 1-Don Eischens, 2-Dave Mass, 3-Jake Goetze


Feature: 1-Shane Sabraski, 2-Jerry Esler, 3-Clayton Wagamon

Heat 1: 1-Dave Cain, 2-Shane Sabraski, 3-Justin Jones

Heat 2: 1-Dan Ebert, 2-Clayton Wagamon, 3-Jeff Hart