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AREA TRACK and FIELD: C-I girls third in subsection

HIBBING — Sienna Miller won the triple jump and Vanessa Hudrlik captured the shot put to lead the Crosby-Ironton girls to third place Wednesday in the North Subsection 7-1A meet.

Aitkin’s Carissa Herron won the high jump to help the girls to ninth, while Bryan Zenke won the 100-meter dash and the long jump for the 11th-place Aitkin boys.

The Crosby-Ironton boys finished ninth and were led by its 4x400 and 4x800 relays w, which both finished second.

The top seven individuals and top four relays will advance to the Section 7-1A meet June 3 at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

Boys team scores: 1-Virginia 86.5, 2-International Falls 79.5, 3-Mesabi East 68, 4-Eveleth-Gilbert 66.65, 9-Crosby-Ironton 48.5, 11-Aitkin 41

110 hurdles: 1-Patrick Heiman (Ely) 15.50

300 hurdles: 1-Sam Stokes-Cerkvenik (V) 40.89

100 dash: 1-Bryan Zenke (Ait) 11.45

200 dash: 1-Devon Pehrson (DR) 22.88, 4-Zenke (A) 23.63

400 dash: 1-Casey Baker (ME) 52.22, 7-Will Goodwin (CI) 56.18

800 run: 1-Mark Heiman (Ely) 2:08.32, 4-Mitch Skjeveland (CI) 2:13.14, 7-Isaac Novak (A) 2:13.73

1600 run: 1-Zachary Richards (Albrook) 4:45.04, 4-Jacob Goodwin (CI) 4:59.45

3200 run: 1-Dan Radtke (ME) 10:52.03, 3-Seth Carlton (CI) 11:00, 5-Jacob Goodwin (CI) 11:05

4x100 relay: 1-Chisholm 45.91, 3-Aitkin 46.86

4x200 relay: 1-Albrook 1:34.78

4x400 relay: 1-Virginia 3:35.8, 2-Crosby-Ironton (Daniel Hudrlik, Will Goodwin, Skjeveland, Phil Stockman) 3:42.38

4x800 relay: 1-Virginia 8:47.47, 2-Crosby-Ironton (Will Goodwin, Stockman, Skjeveland, Riley Patrick) 8:54.92

Shot put: 1-Hawken Watson (Big Fork) 44-3

Discus: 1-Nic Venema (Greenway) 148-2

Long jump: 1-Zenke (A) 19-10

Triple jump: 1-Tony Anselmo (Big Fork) 40-5, 4-Malcolm Schroeder (A) 37-1.5

High jump: 1-Shawn Fillipiak (IF) 6-4, 6-D. Hudrlik (CI) 5-2

Girls team scores: 1-International Falls 139, 2-Greenway 104.5, 3-Crosby-Ironton 81, 4-Mesabi East 70, 9-Aitkin 34

100 hurdles: 1-Leah Griffin (G) 17.43

300 hurdles: 1-Megan West (ME) 49.90

100 dash: 1-Breanna Shofner (IF) 13.06, 5-Carissa Herron (A) 13.88

200 dash: 1-Shofner (IF) 26.53, 4-Herron (A) 27.94, 6-Emily Lundgren (A) 27.98

400 dash: 1-Mika LaDoux (Gr) 1:02.01, 2-Lundgren (A) 1:03.16, 6-Lauren Peterson (CI) 1:07.43

800 run: 1-Mariah McDonald (Ely) 2:29.42

1600 run: 1-West (ME) 5:29.75, 4-Samantha Goshey (CI) 5:40.80

3200 run: 1-Gracelynn Otis (Al) 12:21.57, 3-September Prushek (CI) 12:35.95, 5-Hannah Smith (CI) 13:19.75, 7-Cassidy Bonsante (CI) 13:28.0

4x100 relay: 1-International Falls 53.08

4x200 relay: 1-Greenway 1:52.36

4x400 relay: 1-Mesabi East 4:22.87

4x800 relay: 1-International Falls 10:40.14, 2-Crosby-Ironton (Cassidy Bonsante, Goshey, Shelby Vukelich, Prushek) 10:44.45

Shot put: 1-Vanessa Hudrlik (CI) 36-2

Discus: 1-Savannah Olson (IF) 95-0, 4-Bailey Swensen (CI) 91-6

Long jump: 1-Alicia Hendrickson (IF) 15-7, 2-Sienna Miller (CI) 15-2, 7-Lundgren (A) 13-11.5

Triple jump: 1-Sienna Miller (CI) 32-7, 4-Ashley Stansberry (CI) 30-3.5

High jump: 1-Herron (A) 5-2, 2-Miller (CI) 4-11, 7-Meredith Silgen (CI) 4-6

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