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MOTORCYCLE RACING: Northern Lites riders tops at Huntersville

Northern Lites Motorcycle Club off-road racers Todd and Mitch Treichler finished first and second overall in the A class at the Huntersville enduro last weekend, with each winning their respective class.

The event consisted of a 55-mile course with 158 riders participating.

Northern Lites member results:

Stephen Adams, 5th, AA

Giles Radtke, 12th, AA

Todd Treichler, 1st, 250A

Jerry Morgan, 2nd, 250A

Mitch Treichler, 1st, 200A

Ryan Elyea, 4th, A Open

Andy Goble, 2nd, Vet A

Brett Hardy, 3rd, Senior A

Randy Morgan, 7th, Senior A

Leroy Elyea, 8th, Senior A

Dylan Radtke, 3rd, 250B

Justin McGuire, 4th, 250B

Gary Walton, 5th, Senior B

Tom Burns, 12th, Senior B