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Mid-Summer classic teams announced

The Brainerd Parks and Recreation Department will host the annual youth baseball Mid-Summer Classics on Tuesday at Bane Park.

The 56th annual Bronco League Mid-Summer Classic will begin at 6 p.m. and the 12th annual Pony League Mid-Summer Classic starts at 6:15 p.m.

Following are the players chosen for each league:

Bronco League

American League – Angels: Jeb Stanford, Wyatt Stanford, C.J. Wohl, Brady Houle; Royals: Bryce Flanagan, Cody Rinio, Jeremy Karels, Brett Hines; Tigers: Ryan Powers, Trenton Rushmeyer, Jacob Hagemann, Brandon Justin; Twins: Kyle Weiss, Nathan Barnum, Hunter Cunningham. The coach for the American League is Brian Flanagan of the Royals.

National League – Brewers: Dylan Harbo, Conner Knettel, Josh Jarmuzek; Mets, Michael Russell, Jacob Carley, Riley Fabian, James Thielen; Reds: Colton Laughton, Kole Tibbetts, Kaiden Lego, Dylan Leikvoll; Rockies: Brayden Borg, Trace Cruikshank, Nicholas McCullough. The coach for the National League is Jim Russell of the Mets.

Pony League

American League – Blue Jays: Mike Boeder, Jake Zelinske, Matt Schubert, Zach Mohrfeld; Orioles: Chris Veith, Lucas Tschida, Jared Ketterling; Red Sox: Jacob Russell, Henri Jourdan, Teddy Nelson, Michael Eschenbacher; Yankees: Zack Winger, Cody Tussler, Zack Houle. The coach of the American League is John Hoskins of the Yankees.

National League – Dodgers: Tommy Eschenbacher, Jake Zontelli, Robert Stange, Joshua Kreutzfeldt; Mets: Cole Erickson, Parker Fredrickson, Nathan Schmidt; Pirates: Michael Jensen, Michael Struthers, Jacob Hines; White Sox: Tommy Schlosser, Joseph Lambrecht, Hunter Casper. The coach of the National League is Louis Eschenbacher of the Dodgers.