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NORTHWOODS LEAGUE BASEBALL: Lunkers’ Beck ready with the bat

Garfield Elementary second grader Dawson Beck retrieved a bat Wednesday night du1 / 2
Bat boy Dawson Beck (little guy in middle) congratulated Casey Roche (No. 7) and2 / 2

Dawson Beck has not missed a single home game for the Brainerd Lakes Area Lunkers.

That’s a good thing as the Garfield Elementary student has played an important role in the team’s 15-9 start to the season.

The 7-year-old Beck is the bat boy for the Lunkers. It’s the second year he’s owned the duties and the third year his parents, Tina and Bryan, have hosted Lunkers’ players. This year, the Becks are a host family for infielder Christian Stringer and outfielder Steven Brault.

“He adores those guys,” said Tina Beck. “As soon as they wake up in the morning he follows them around every where. He’s their little shadow. He’s around them as much as they’ll let him. He wants to go and workout with them, but he’s too young for that.”

On game day, the young slugger arrives early at Mills Field in Brainerd with the players and stretches with the team before each home game. His favorite part of the game is when the Lunkers are up to bat. That’s when he displays his bat boy skills.

“My job is to run out and get the bats and baseballs,” said Beck. “It’s fun.”

Beck said he likes it when the Lunkers win, something they have been doing a lot of this season. Brainerd is one game back of the Mankato MoonDogs for the Northern Division lead of the Northwoods League. The Lunkers owned a three-game winning streak and have won six of their last 10 games heading into Thursday’s home game with the Rochester Honkers.

The team’s biggest fan said the chances for post season success are “good” for the Lunkers this year.

“It’s fun this year,” said Beck.

The soon-to-be second-grader plays center field for his overhand pitching team. He also plays football, but in the summer it’s all baseball all the time, especially Lunkers baseball.

“He’s doing a pretty good job,” said Lunkers field manager Ryan Levendoski. “This is his second year of being a bat boy, but he’s been around the team really for three years now.”

While he hasn’t missed a home game, Beck doesn’t mind relinquishing his duties for the long road trips to Thunder Bay and Rochester. His favorite part of the job is just sitting in the dugout with the guys.

“It’s cool,” said Beck. “You get to visit with a lot of the players.”

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