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BRONCO BASEBALL: American League stars edge National League in Midsummer Classic

C.J. Wohl pitched Tuesday during the Mid-Summer Classic All-Star baseball game f

The Amercian League had a three run fourth inning, and held on for a 3-1 victory over the National League at the Brainerd Parks and Recreation Department’s 56th Annual Bronco League Midsummer Classic on Tuesday at Bane Park.

C.J. Wohl pitched the first two innings, striking out five batters to win MVP honors for the American League. 

Michael Russell also had five strikeouts in two innings pitched along with one single to take MVP honors for the National League.

Jacob Hagemann, Brady Houle, and Wyatt Sanford also crossed home plate in the three run fourth inning for the American League. Houle, Flanagan, and Hagemann all had hits.

The National League had two hits with Russell singling, and Laughton getting a hit.

American League  3 3 0 

National League    1 2 3

WP: Bryce Flanagan. LP: Connor Knettel. 

Bronco League

American League

Angels: Jeb Sanford, Wyatt Sanford, C.J. Wohl, Brady Houle; 

Royals: Bryce Flanagan, Cody Rinio, Jeremy Karels, Brett Hines; 

Tigers: Ryan Powers, Trenton Rushmeyer, Jacob Hagemann, Brandon Justin; 

Twins: Kyle Weiss, Nathan Barnum, Hunter Cunningham.

Coach for the American League is Brian Flanagan of the Royals.

National League

Brewers: Dylan Harbo, Conner Knettel, Josh Jarmuzek;

Mets, Michael Russell, Jacob Carley, Riley Fabian, James Thielen; 

Reds: Colton Laughton, Kole Tibbetts, Kaiden Lego, Dylan Leikvoll; 

Rockies: Brayden Borg, Trace Cruikshank, Nicholas McCullough. 

Coach for the National League is Jim Russell of the Mets.