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PONY BASEBALL: National League 15, American League 13

Mike Strothers, in the Pony League, ran for home plate during the Mid-Summer Cla

Jacob Zontelli hit a go ahead two run homerun in the bottom of the sixth inning to lead the National League to a 15-13 victory in the Brainerd Parks and Recreation Department’s 12th annual Pony League Midsummer Classic on Tuesday at Bane Park.

Zontelli also had a single and captured MVP honors for the National League. Jacob Russell had three hits including a homerun, along with three RBIs to take the MVP award for the American League.

The American League totalled 12 hits with Zack Winger and Zack Houle getting a single and a double. Jake Zelinske, Lucas Tschida, and Mike Boeder all had singles for the American League. Boeder’s two out single in the top of the sixth inning scored Russell and Teddy Nelson to give the American League the temporary lead.

Joshua Kreutzfeld doubled and Tommy Schlosser had three hits for the National League hit parade. Michael Struthers collected two hits, while Tommy Eschenbacher, Robert Stange, Joseph Lambrecht, and Hunter Casper had one hit.

Down by two runs in the top of the seventh inning, Zach Mohrfeld came within a couple feet of tying the game with a long flyball out to left field.    

American League  13 11 3 

National League    15 12 2

WP: Michael Jensen. LP: Zach Mohrfeld. 2B: Zack Winger (A), Zack Houle (A), Joshua Kreutzfeldt (N). HR: Jacob Russell (A), Jake Zontelli. 

American League

Blue Jays: Mike Boeder, Jake Zelinske, Matt Schubert, Zach Mohrfeld; 

Orioles: Chris Veith, Lucas Tschida, Jared Ketterling; 

Red Sox: Jacob Russell, Henri Jourdan, Teddy Nelson, Michael Eschenbacher; 

Yankees: Zack Winger, Cody Tussler, Zack Houle. 

Coach of the American League is John Hoskins of the Yankees.

National League

Dodgers: Tommy Eschenbacher, Jake Zontelli, Robert Stange, Joshua Kreutzfeldt;

Mets: Cole Erickson, Parker Fredrickson, Nathan Schmidt;

Pirates: Michael Jensen, Michael Struthers, Jacob Hines;

White Sox: Tommy Schlosser, Joseph Lambrecht, Hunter Casper. 

Coach of the National League is Louis Eschenbacher of the Dodgers.