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SWIMMING AND DIVING: Flyers beat Milaca by six

MILACA —  The Little Falls 400-meter freestyle relay team of Emily Stark, Sarah Andringa, Kristin Bobick and Kenzie Hanson finished with their fastest time of the season at 4:13:41 to help the Flyers edge Milaca 96-90 in a Granite Ridge Conference meet Thursday.

Andringa, Jordyn Himley and Mati Gold also slammed the 500 freestyle by finishing 1-2-3.

“It was an amazing last relay to win the meet,” said Little Falls coach Tim Corbett. “The girls swam lots of close races and had enough heart to kick it in at the end.”

Little Falls 96, Milaca 90

200 medley relay: 1-Little Falls (Makyla Klever, Brenna Holmes, Diana Kempenich, Emily Stark) 2:08:20, 5-Little Falls (Savanna Slettom, Abby Swanson, Janey Walquist, Kristin Bobick) 2:20:45

200 freestyle: 1-Sarah Andringa (LF) 2:16:11, 3-Jordyn Himley (LF) 2:24:96, 4-Mati Gold (LF) 2:25:83

200 individual medley: 1-Kempenich (LF) 2:38:00, 5-Christy Masog (LF) 2:58:26, 6-Annie Corbett (LF) 3:11:54

50 freestyle: 1-Sarah Forker (MCA) 27:38, 2t-Kenzie Hanson-Emily Stark (LF) 28:26, 6-Bobick (LF) 30:21

Diving: 1-Carly Atkinson (LF) 195.70, 5-Haile Kifer (LF) 1:49:65, 6-Gabby Lyter (LF) 1:44:85

100 butterfly: 1-Kempenich (LF)1:11:58, 5-Janey Walquist (LF)1:22:97, 6-Carla Walquist (LF) 1:26:59

100 freestyle: 1-Hanson (LF) 1:02:65, 2-Klever (LF)1:03:74, 5-Bobick (LF) 1:06:86

500 freestyle: 1-Andringa (LF) 5:59:52, 2-Himley (LF) 6:31:22, 3-Gold (LF) 6:31:76

200 freestyle relay: 1- Milaca (Clair Coffee, Tara Airhart, Allie Larud, Sarah Forker) 1:51:25, 2-(Kempenich, Klever, Stark, Hanson) 1:51:70, 5-Little Falls (C Daniels, Gold, Himley, Andringa) 2:01:97, 6-Little Falls (Holmes, A Klein, Slettom, Swanson) 2:06:91

100 backstroke: 1-Kayla Santema (MCA)1:13:02, 3- Klever (LF)1:15:18, 5-Slettom (LF) 1:17:59, 6-Olson (LF)1:23:23

100 breaststroke: 1-Holmes (LF) 1:20:07, 4-Swanson (LF) 1:22:81, 5-Klein (LF) 1:25:11

400 freestyle relay: 1-Little Falls (Stark, Andringa, Bobick, Hanson) 4:13:41, 4-Little Falls (Daniels, Himley, Holmes, Klein) 4:38:80, 6-Little Falls (Ki Holtz, Janey Walquist, Masog) 4:53:85

Conference: LF 2-0. Overall: LF 3-1. Next: Little Falls at Sartell 6 p.m. Tuesday.