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CROSS COUNTRY: C-I boys win Milaca Mega Meet

MILACA — The Crosby-Ironton Rangers placed four boys in the top 15 spots, led by junior Jude Severson in eighth, and went on to win the 34-team Class A division of the Milaca Mega Meet at Stones Throw Golf Course Saturday.

September Prushek finished 11th for the Ranger girls, pacing them to sixth place in the 33-team girls Class A race.

The Pierz girls finished 10th and the Pioneer boys were 17th in Class A. The Wadena-Deer Creek boys and girls were both incomplete.

In Class AA competition, the Staples-Motley boys came in 14th out of 29 teams and the girls were 20th out of 30 teams.

Following Severson for the Ranger boys were Seth Carlton (9), Jacob Goodwin (13), Will Goodwin (14), John Stokman (25), Issac Carlton (68) and Mitch Skjeveland (84).

C-I runners seemed to run in packs with Cassidy Bonsante coming in 51st for the Ranger girls followed by Cameron Larson (52) and Shelby Vukelich (53).

“The first half (of the race) was a little rough for the boys,” said C-I coach Erica Perpich. “We wanted them to get out a little quicker, but they made up for it in the second half. When one goes, the rest follow.”

“Our girls were without our second and fourth runners who were sick,” she said, “but some younger girls really stepped up. September Prushek had a really good race.”

Pierz’s girls were led by Tracy Wimmer in 32nd place. Alex Julich paced the Pioneer boys in 54th.

Neil Janson (49) and Emma Schmitz (79) were the top runners for Wadena-Deer Creek.

Brandon Sterriker (51) and Haley Christoffersen (47) were the top finishers for Staples-Motley in Class AA competition.


Boys team scores: (34 teams) 1-Crosby-Ironton 50, 2-Trinity River Ridge 115, 3-Eveleth-Gilbert 137, 4-St. James 149, 5-Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 170, 17-Pierz 467, Wadena-Deer inc. Creek

Individual winner: Bryon Schuldt (Nevis) 16:17.0

Crosby-Ironton results: 8-Jude Severson 17:26, 9-Seth Carlton 17:30.6, 13-Jacob Goodwin 17:36.6, 14-Will Goodwin 17:39.4, 25-John Stokman 18:04.4, 68-Issac Carlton 19:02.9, 84-Mitch Skjeveland 19:33.5

Pierz results: 54-Alex Julich 18:50.6, 109-Will Corbett 20:19.9, 136-Daniel Tautges 22:01.9, 114-Alex Hayes 23:39.5, 150-Mitchell Czech 24:05.3

Wadena-Deer Creek results: 49-Neil Janson 18:42.1, 82-Joe Pate 19:29.2, 96-Brody Wangsness 19:56.4

Girls team scores: (33 teams) 1-Trinity River Ridge 89, 2-USC-AC 103, 3-Providence Academy 130, 4-Holdingford 160, 5-Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 186, 6-Crosby-Ironton 215, 10-Pierz 281, Wadena-Deer inc. Creek

Individual winner: Meghan Henriksen (Mankato Loyola) 15:15.6

Crosby-Ironton results: 11-September Prushek 16:00.6, 51-Cassidy Bonsante 17:44.2, 52- Cameron Larson 17:46.3, 53-Shelby Vukelich 17:46.3, 64-Lauren Peterson 18:10, 101-Victoria Severson 19:04.1

Pierz results: 32-Tracy Wimmer 16:39.8, 45-Mariah Hoheisel 17:28.8, 67-Megan Hoheisel 18:05.7, 78-Abby Cyr 18:19.3, 91-Rachel Detschman 18:48.1, 111-A. Langer 19:28.1, 126-Dana Hennen 19:56.7

Wadena-Deer Creek results: 79-Emma Schmitz 18:19.8, 

Next: Pierz, Wadena-Deer Creek in Northland Remer Invitational at Deer River 4 p.m. Tuesday; Crosby-Ironton at McGregor Invitational 4 p.m. Thursday.


Boys team scores: (29 teams): 1-St. Cloud Cathedral 51, 2-Redwood Valley 104, 3-Fargo Shanley 124, 4-Esko 134, 5-Otter Tail Central 161, 14-Staples-Motley 332

Individual winner: Charlie Lawrence (Foley) 16:02.7

Staples-Motley results: 51-Brandon Sterriker 18:07.6, 58-Justin Ziegler 18:22.9, 61-Blake Miller 18:28.3, 65-Korey Zetah 18:31.1, 110-Tony Caudillo 19:48, 126-Tyler Pogreba 20:30.3, 148-Jordan Heldman 22:05.4

Girls team scores: (30 teams): 1-St. Cloud Cathedral 55, 2-Esko 70, 3-Adrian 84, 4-Minnehaha Academy 161, 5-Fairmont, 20-Staples-Motley 477

Individual winner: McKenzie Holt (St. Cloud Christian) 14:46.9

Staples-Motley results: 47-Haley Christoffersen 16:45.8, 103-Emma Miller 18:31, 117-Mackenzie Holst 18:50.3, 130-Jenna Ziegler 19:12.8, 137-Tayler Klimek 19:38.1, 144-Janelle Jennissen 20:35.7

Next: Staples-Motley at Fergus Falls Invitational 4:30 p.m. Thursday.