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CROSS COUNTRY: Pillager’s Sarah Neururer wins at Henning

HENNING — Pillager’s Sarah Neururer posted a winning time of 17:28 in the girls meet and the Huskies finished second in both sides of Tuesday’s Ottertail Central Invitational.

Matt Neururer placed third in the boys meet with a time of 18:41 and was joined by four other Pillager runners in the top 15.

Sonora Nolan-Rapatz, who was running in her first varsity meet, finished 10th for the Pillager girls

The Pine River-Backus Tigers came in third for both the boys and girls events.

Julia Ruohoniemi claimed second place to lead the girls and the boys were paced by TJ Lukenan in 17th.

Boys team scores: 1-Ottertail Central 18, 2-Pillager 37, 3-Pine River-Backus 75, inc-United North Central, Wheaton

Individual winner: BJ Cline (OTC) 18:24

Pillager results: 3-Matt Neururer 18:41, 11-Shane White 20:56, 12-Josh Warren 20:57, 14-Kaine Schnagl 21:18, 15-Isaac Jacobson 21:27, 18-Trent Brand 22:27

Pine River-Backus results: 17-TJ Lukenan 22:10, 19-Sam Ruohoniemi  22:39, 29-Tom Ruohoniemi 23:03, 21-Jacob Weber 23:10, 23-Josh Sechser 27:19, 25-Tyler Bestgen 28:51

Girls team scores: 1-United North Central 25, 2-Pillager 53, 3-Pine River-Backus 58, inc-Ottertail Central, Wheaton

Individual winner: Sarah Neururer (Pil) 17:28

Pillager results: 10-Sonora Nolan-Rapatz 119:51, 15-Jade Rau 20:46, 16-Stephanie Robbins 21:02, 17-Akari Hirata 21:10, 23-Kelsie Hanson 23:38

Pine River-Backus results: 2-Julia Ruohoniemi 17:50, 12-Autumn Ackerman 20:07, 14-Kendra Brasel 20:14,  18-Lydia Krecklau 21:14, 19-Erin Fisker 21:20, 21-Krystal Peltier 21:57, 22-Jess Hanneken 22:30, 23-Grace Lemberg 22:33

Next: Pine River-Backus in Roger Twigg Invitational at Ruttger’s Golf Course 3:20 p.m. Thursday. Pillager at Birch Tree Conference meet in Menahga Oct. 18.

S-M boys fourth, Pierz girls fifth

SAUK CENTRE — Haley Christoffersen finished ninth with a time of 16:40 to pace the Staples-Motley girls to a ninth-place finish in Tuesday’s Sauk Centre Invitational.

Brandon Sterriker finished 11th for S-M, covering the course in 18:31.

Maggie Gruber was Pierz’ top finisher coming in 14th at 17:09. Tracey Wimmer ran a time of 17:11, for a 15th-place finish.

Boys team scores: 1-Albany 25, 2-Rocori 72, 3 -Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 79, 4-Staples-Motley 90, Sauk Centre 108, 6-Pierz 158 

Individual winner: Jacob Gerhartz (SC) 16:51

Pierz results: 18-Alex Julich 18:57, 25-Kyle Becker 19:30, 37-Will Corbett 21:15, 42-Matt Janson 21:52, 43-Daniel Tautges 23:10, 44-Alex Hayes 23:18, 45-Mitchell Czech 25:06

Staples-Motley results: 11-Brandon Sterriker 18:31, 15-Korey Zetah 18:51, 16-Blake Miller 18:54, 19- Justin Ziegler 18:59, 29-Stephen Plopper 19:48, 33-Antonio Cadillo 20:22, 34-Robin Melse 20:25

Girls team scores: 1-Albany 45, 2-Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 83, 3-Rocori 88, 4-Benson 96, 5-Pierz 104, 6-Sauk Centre 119, 7-Staples-Motley 139, 8-Minnewaska Inc.

Individual winner: Kaylee Roelike (Albany) 15:24

Pierz results: 14-Maggie Gruber 17:09, 15-Tracey Wimmer 17:11, 25-Mariah Hoheisel 17:49, 26-Megan Hoheisel 17:54, 27-Abby Cyr 17:55, 39-Rachel Detschman 19:23

Staples-Motley results: 9-Haley Christoffersen 16:40, 30-Emma Miller 18:22, 31-Mary Sarah Sauber 18:25, 36-Mackenzie Holst 19:04, 37-Tayler Klimek 19:19, 40-Jenna Ziegler 19:37, 46-Janelle Jennisson 20:34

Next: Staples-Motley at Alexandria Invitational 10:30 a.m. Saturday; Pierz at CMC Invitational, Royalton 4:15 p.m. Tuesday.