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CROSS COUNTRY: C-I boys, Severson finish second W-DC’s Schmitz second in girls race

STAPLES — The Crosby-Ironton boys suffered their first defeat of the season, losing by two points to the Detroit Lakes Lakers in the Mid-State Conference championships Thursday.

The Lakers placed seven runners in the top 15 to finish with 40 points while C-I compiled 42, points placing four in the top 15. Staples-Motley finished third with 108 followed by Pequot Lakes in sixth (126) and Wadena-Deer Creek seventh (181).

On the girls side, the team championship went to Park Rapids with 43 points. Pequot Lakes came in fifth with 82 followed by C-I (fifth) with 100 and Staples-Motley (sixth) with 136. Wadena-Deer Creek was incomplete.

Jude Severson placed second for the C-I boys, running the 5,000-meter course in 17:24.53 behind winner Isaac Overmyer (17:22.36) of Park Rapids. Teammates Jacob Goodwin (fifth) and Will Goodwin (sixth) joined him in the top 10, earning all-conference honors.

Runners finishing in the 11-15 positions received honorable mention, including C-I’s Seth Carlton who came in 12th.

The Pequot Lakes boys were led by Michael Ryan, who earned all-conference honors by finishing fourth.

Brandon Sterriker paced Staples-Motley, coming in 14th for honorable mention.

W-DC was led by Neil Janson, who crossed the line 19th.

Earning all-conference honors for the girls were Wadena-Deer Creek freshman Emma Schmitz, who finished second, and Haley Christoffersen (sixth) of Staples-Motley.

Honorable mention went to September Prushek (11th) of C-I and Pequot Lakes’ Jackie Brine-Doyle (12th) and Catie Ryan (14th).

Boys team scores: 1-Detroit Lakes 40, 2-Crosby-Ironton 42, 3-Staples-Motley 108, 4-Park Rapids 108, 5-Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 109, 6-Pequot Lakes 126, 7-Wadena-Deer Creek 181

Individual winner: Isaac Overmyer (PR) 17:22.36

Crosby-Ironton results: 2-Jude Severson 17:24.53, 5-Jacob Goodwin 17:50.19, 5-Will Goodwin 17:51.45, 12-Seth Carlton 18:16.48, 17-John Stokman 18:33.17, 24-Isaac Carlton 18:49.04, 31-Philip Stokman 19:26.51

Pequot Lakes results: 4-Michael Ryan 17:46.23, 25-Joshua Olson 19:01.70, 27-Sam Headlee 19:17.53, 32-Alex Senst 19:27.06, 38-RJ Maxfield 20:00.41 40-Nathan McDonald 20:03.93, 43-Dalton Engholm 20:19.09

Staples-Motley results: 14-Brandon Sterriker 18:23.20, 18-Korey Zetah 18:33.84, 20-Blake Miller 18:40.06, 23-Justin Ziegler 18:48.69, 33-Tony Caudillo 19:34.43, 39-Robin Melse 20:03.52

Wadena-Deer Creek results: 19-Neil Janson 18:39.71, 34-Joseph Pate 19:38.84, 37-Brody Wangsness 19:47.97, 45-Austin Sutherland 20:22.04, 46-Toby Wood 20:24.62, Joey Najjar 20:53.79

Girls team scores: 1-Park Rapids 43, 2-Detroit Lakes 68, 3-Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 75, 4-Pequot Lakes 82, 5-Crosby-Ironton 100, 6-Staples-Motley 136, Inc-Wadena-Deer Creek

Individual winner: Lydia Lutz (PR) 15:41.75

Crosby-Ironton results: 11-September Prushek 16:55.44, 18-Samantha Goshey 17:28.21, 22-Margaret Stokman 17:43.99, 24-Shelby Vukelich 17:48.52, 30-Cassidy Bonsante 18:11.42, 31-Kaleen Lewis 18:15.48

Pequot Lakes results: 12-Jackie Brine-Doyle 17:00.99, 14-Catie Ryan 17:01.81, 16-Leric Larson 17:20.33, 20-Savannah Stone 17:40.72, 25-Elsa Headlee 17:54.73, 34-Sydney Johnson 18:22.62, 39-Sarah Rudlang 19:00.78, 41-Jordan Roy 19:11.97, 45-Josephine Nistler 19:47.65

Staples-Motley results: 6-Haley Christoffersen 16:30.31, 29-Emma Miller 18:10.50, 35-Mary Sarah Sauber 18:30.65, 36-Tayler Klimek 18:33.88, 38-Jenna Ziegler 18:56.06, 40-Mackenzie Holst 19:06.72, 43-Claire Roberts 19:42.95

Wadena-Deer Creek results: 2-Emma Schmitz 16:17.56

Next: Pequot Lakes, Wadena-Deer Creek at Park Rapids Invite 4 p.m. Monday; Staples-Motley in Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted Invite at Howard Lake 4 p.m. Tuesday; C-I at Proctor Invitational 4 p.m. Tuesday.