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SWIMMING AND DIVING :Warriors fourth in Section 8-2A True Team meet in St. Cloud

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SWIMMING AND DIVING :Warriors fourth in Section 8-2A True Team meet in St. Cloud
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ST. CLOUD — Fallon Ryan recorded two runner-up finishes to help the Brainerd Warriors to fourth in Saturday’s Section 8-2A True Team meet.


Ryan posted a second-place 2:02.76 in the 200-yard freestyle and a second-place 5:28.83 in the 500 free. Both races were won by St. Michael-Albertville’s Kaitlin Schmitz.

Beth Etterman landed in third in diving with an 11-dive 335.15. 

Brainerd’s 400 free relay of Alex Erickson, Alyssa Hartshorn, Laura Boran and Ryan finished fourth as did the 200 medley relay of Hannah McKeag, Erica Rehnblom, Reilly Peterson and Boran. McKeag was also fourth in the backstroke.

Fifth-place finishes were registered by Erickson in the butterfly and Boran in the 100 free.

Team scores: 1-Maple Grove 1,245, 2-Buffalo 992, 3-St. Michael-Albertville 975, 4-Brainerd 870, 6-Elk River 805, 6-St. Cloud Tech 657, 7-Watertown-Mayer/Delano 490

200 medley relay: 1-Elk River 1:57.99, 4-Brainerd (Hannah McKeag, Erica Rehnblom, Reilly Peterson, Laura Boran) 2:01.58, 14-Brainerd (Alex Eigen, Annika Watson, Baylee Bessingpas, Johanna Smith) 2:13.37, 19-Brainerd (Greta Engen, Ariana Pelkey, Mady Karels, Mackenzie Dondelinger) 2:14.72, 23-Brainerd (Ashten Austin, Jane Stromberg, Annie Grabowski, Beth Etterman) 2:23.65

200 freestyle: 1-Kaitlin Schmitz (STMA) 2:02.52, 2-Fallon Ryan (Brd) 2:02.76, 8-Stephanie Hansen (Brd) 2:07.32, 10-Boran 2:09.35, 22-Paige DeFrang (Brd) 2:19.07

200 individual medley: 1-Kasey Roberts (STMA) 2:11.22, 6-Reilly Peterson (Brd) 2:25.73, 13-Rehnblom 2:36.87, 19-Watson 2:42.82

50 freestyle: 1-Emily Devore (Buff) 25.53, 9-Alyssa Hartshorn (Brd) 26.95, 14-Alex Erickson (Brd) 27.51, 25-Smith 29.19, 26-Etterman 30.40

Diving: 1-Lexi Tenenbaum (MG) 398.15, 3-Etterman 335.15, 8-Lonie Anderson (Brd) 287.80, 10-Madison Grausam (Brd) 273.45, 17-Mikayla Cerney (Brd) 173.00

100 butterfly: 1-Courtney Grunewals (ER) 1:01.33, 5-Erickson 1:06.40, 16-Eigen 1:14.65, 21-Bessingpas 1:16.75, 28-Jane Stromberg (Brd) 1:26.10

100 freestyle: 1-Devore (Buff) 66.78, 5-Boran 58.68, 6-Hartshorn 58.97, 7-Peterson 59.26, 22-Smith 1:03.99

500 freestyle: 1-Schmitz (STMA) 5:27.81, 2-Ryan 5:28.83, 6-Hansen 5:47, 17-DeFrang 6:18.42, 23-Grabowski 6:36.16

200 freestyle relay: 1-Buffalo 1:43.38, 4-Brainerd (Erickson, Hartshorn, Peterson, Ryan) 1:47.41, 13-Brainerd (Hansen, Etterman, Rehnblom, Grabowski) 1:54.77, 16-Brainerd (DeFrang, Watson, Dondelinger, Karels) 1:57.89, 23-Brainerd (Haley Anderson, Bessingpas, Ashten Austin, Stromberg) 2:02.13

100 backstroke: 1-Annika Bordak (Buff) 1:03.61, 4-McKeag 1:06.73, 19-Engen 1:16.35, 21-Eigen 1:16.35, 26-Kaylie Johnson (Brd) 1:23.07

100 breaststroke: 1-Kasey Roberts (STMA) 1:09.26, 11-Rehnblom 1:16.21, 14-Watson 1:18.34, 16-Pelkey 1:20.09

400 freestyle relay: 1-St. Michael-Albertville 3:42.97, 4-Brainerd (Erickson, Hatshorn, Boran, Ryan) 3:56.38, 10-Brainerd (DeFrang, Hansen, Smith, McKeag) 4:07.70, 21-Brainerd (Anderson, Grabowski, Eigen, Dondelinger), 26-Brainerd (Bessingpas, Karels, Engen, Johnson) 4:42.92

Next: Brainerd at Alexandria 6 p.m. Tuesday.