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Bowling Traveling league meets in Wadena

The Central 8 Traveling Classic Bowling League met at Wadena Lanes Sunday.

It was the third meeting of the season in this scratch (no handicap) league.

High team series were by McGregor with 3,154, Brainerd with 3,068 and Aitkin with 2,995.

High team games were by McGregor with 1,125 and 1,051, Little Falls with 1,076 and Brainerd with 1,050.

High individual series were by Brian Collins of Aitkin with 742, Don Reich of McGregor with 708 and Brett Anderson of Brainerd with 689.

High individual game honors went to Brett Anderson of Brainerd with 278, Rich Carlson of McGregor with 258, and Brian Collins and Tom Bruss, both of Aitkin, with 254s.

Next meeting will be at 10 a.m. Dec. 11 at Crosby.

League Standings: (Won-Loss)

McGregor 131.5-48.5, Brainerd 118.5-61.5, Aitkin 117-63, Pine River 113.5-66.5, Little Falls 97.5-82.5, Isle 64-116, Wadena 52-128, Crosby 25-155.