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Warrior Swimming and Diving: Warriors second in True Team

ELK RIVER — Seth Murrey and the 400-yard freestyle relay of Sam Dellececca, Tyler Schneider, Josh McKeag and Justin Kuglin were the top finishers for the Brainerd Warriors during Saturday’s Section 8-2A True Team meet.

The Warriors team finished second as did Murrey in the diving with 309.15 points. Brainerd’s 400 relay finished in 3:28.00 behind Maple Grove, which won the True Team meet by more than 300 points.

McKeag placed third in the 100 butterfly as did Justin Warling in the 50 free. Brainerd’s 200 free relay of Dellececca, McKeag, Kuglin and Warling also placed third.

Team scores: 1-Maple Grove 1,653, 2-Bainerd 1,319.5, 3-St. Michael/Albertville 1,280, 4-St. Cloud Tech 1,070, 5-Buffalo 941, 6-Elk River 930.5, 7-Rogers 202, 8-Big Lake 35

20 medley relay: 1-Maple Grove 1:40.27, 8-Brainerd (Luke Jacobsen, Joe Wells, Chase Wickman, Justin Warling) 1:48.8, 10-Brainerd (David Supinski, Trent Anderson, Joey Stromberg, Mat Majerlie) 1:53.24, 16-Brainerd (Peder Smith, Mitch Crum, Parker Frederickson, Dan Larson) 1:56.78, 22-Brainerd (Andy Olsen, Jared Sachs, Gus Askegaard, Jack Wickman) 2:06.32

200 freestyle: 1-Jeffrey Nelson (MG) 1:50.16, 5-Tyler Schneider (Brd), 1:55.78, 7-Nick Goll (Brd) 1:55.84, 11-Andrew Solseth (Brd) 1:58.41, 14-Adam Warren (Brd) 2:02.02

200 individual medley: 1-Mike Lanz (MG) 1:59.72, 8-Justin Kuglin (Brd) 2:13.08, 12-Majerlie (Brd) 2:17.67, 14-Anderson (Brd) 2:20.94, 16-Wickman (Brd) 2:23.42

50 freestyle: 1-Noah Dalluge (SMA) 22.13, 3-Warling (Brd) 23.85, 6-Sam Dellaceca (Brd) 24.33, 12-Jacobsen (Brd) 25.17, 22-Stromberg (Brd) 26.22

Diving: 1-Jesse Lovoi (Tech0 310.15, 2-Seth Murrey (Brd) 309.15, 5-Peter Wells (Brd) 267.95, 14-Noah Jacobs 182.70

100 butterfly: 1-Lanz (MG) 52.48, 3-Josh McKeag (Brd) 56.52, 12-Wickman (Brd) 1:03.05, 17-Stromberg (Brd) 1:04.71, 19-Smith (Brd) 1:05.64

100 freestyle: 1-Sean Wegerson (MG) 49.74, 5-Kuglin (Brd) 51.04, 10-Dellacecca (Brd) 53.19, 13-Warren (Brd) 55.66, 15-Supinski (Brd) 54.34

500 freestyle: 1-Jack Elliott (Buf) 5:06.02, 8-Schneider (Brd) 5:18.96, 10-Goll 5:21.89, 11-Solseth (Brd) 5:29.84, 15-Smith (Brd) 5:38.39

200 freestyle relay – 1-Maple Grove 1:31.82, 3-Brainerd (Dellececca, McKeag, Kuglin, Warling) 1:35.27, 7-Brainerd (Solseth, Schneider, Goll, Jacobsen) 1:37.60, 14-Brainerd (Anderson, Dan Larson, Stromberg, Jared Sachs) 1:43.79, 15-Brainerd (Crum, Askegaard, Joe Wells, Warren) 1:44.42

100 backstroke: 1-Wegerson (MG) 55.25, 5-McKeag (Brd) 59.28, 7-Majerlie (Brd) 1:01.07, 12-Supinski (Brd) 1:03.72, 13-Jacobsen (Brd) 1:03.88

100 breaststroke: 1-Kirk Youngdahl (MG) 1:02.86, 8-Wells 1:07.90, 12-Anderson (Brd) 1:10.65, 13-Warling (Brd) 1:10.91, 16-Crum 1:16.12

400 freestyle relay: 1-Maple Grove 3:20.76, 2-Brainerd (Dellacecca, Schneider, McKeag, Kuglin) 3:28.00, 5-Brainerd (Solseth, Wickman, Goll, Majerlie) 3:38.69, 8-Brainerd (Warren, Andy Olsen, Stromberg, Smith) 3:46.73, 16-Brainerd (Larson, Crum, Sachs, Supinski) 3:59.62

Next: Brainerd hosts St. Cloud Apollo 6 p.m. Thursday.

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