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ALPINE SKIING: Ski Gull team ends season

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The Ski Gull Alpine Club concluded its season last weekend after competing in the finals, at Mont Du Lac.

A total of 27 Ski Gull racers competed.


The Ski Gull team sent five racers to the podium.

Evan Hutchison took second for age 6-7 boys, Calvin Madison was second for 8-9 boys, Payge Fitterer took home the gold for girls 10-11, Ashley Fitterer was third for girls 14-15, and Molly Aga finished second in girls 16-up.

Other Ski Gull racers who were top finishers in their age group included Lauren Kalenberg, 10th for girls 6-7; Allison Krantz, fifth in girls 8-9; Kevin Chrisinger, 14th in boys 10-11; Addison Mcguire, eighth in girls 12-13; and Grant Madison, sixth in boys 12-13.

Ski Gull results

Boys under 5: Holden Krantz, participant

Girls 6-7: Lauren Kalenberg, 10th

Boys 6-7: Evan Hutchison, 2nd; Gavin Hoelzel, 4th; Garrett Krantz, 8th

Girls 8-9: Allison Krantz, 5th; Hannah Taylor, 7th; Madison Kalenberg, 8th; Erin Hoelzel, 10th; Madeline Pederson, 12th

Boys 8-9: Calvin Madison, 2nd; Anthony Elsenpeter, 12th; Trevor Hutchison, 13th; Cole Kaneski, 18th

Girls 10-11: Payge Fitterer, 1st; Grace Mcguire, 11th

Boys 10-11: Kevin Chrisinger, 14th

Girls 12-13: Addison Mcguire, 8th

Boys 12-13: Grant Madison, 6th; Tristan Elsenpeter, 7th; Nick Krantz, 9th

Girls 14-15: Ashley Fitterer, 3rd; Hannah Moen, 4th; Emily Aga, 5th

Girls 16-up: Molly Aga, 2nd; Marissa Bjerkness, 5th; Mara Williams, participant