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WEIGHTLIFTING: Pearson, Ryan pace Liftathon

Miles Pearson and Courtney Ryan were the top boys and girls lifters in the 22nd annual Sertoma Sunrise Warrior Liftathon on March 1-2 at the Brainerd High School weight room.

Pearson, a senior, had the top boys Most Pounds Per Ounce at 6.00. Competing at 159 pounds, Pearson bench-pressed 275, power-cleaned 290, and had a parallel squat of 390.

Ryan, a junior, had the top girls MPPO at 3.91. She bench-pressed 120, power-cleaned 190, and had a parallel squat of 300. Ryan also was the girls’ top lifter as a sophomore in last year’s event.

As MPPO champions, Pearson and Ryan are the recipients of Stephen G. Nunnink MPPO scholarships given to the top male and female MPPO performers each year. Nunnink was founder of the MPPO concept in 1975 as coordinator of the Warrior Strength and Conditioning program.

Participants were divided into 12 fundraising teams, with each team captained by a Sertoma member as the fundraising coordinator. Teams raised money for local charities and programs for the disadvantaged in the Brainerd area, and competed for T-shirts based upon MPPO performance guidelines, which measures a lifters’ overall body strength in relation to body size.

MPPO is determined by adding a lifter’s one-repetition maximum lifts in the bench-press, power clean and parallel squat. The three-lift total is divided by the lifter’s body weight to determine MPPO.

Of the 95 male participants, 37 met or exceeded the MPPO standard necessary to earn a T-shirt, which was 4.00 for boys with a body weight under 250 pounds, and 3.50 for boys with a body weight of 250 or more.

Of the 18 female participants, eight met or exceeded the 2.75 standard necessary to win a T-shirt.

Jacob Kassulker and Caleb Tautges set new standards in the power clean, as both cleaned 335 pounds to eclipse the all-time power clean record of 330 set in 1995.

Other notable power clean efforts were turned in by Mike Davis (315) and Jon Asprey (300).

The Sertoma Sunrise Club will also select a minimum of two participants as recipients of at-large scholarships. To be eligible, applicants must be a senior and minimum two-year Liftathon participant. Recipients will be announced in May.

The event involved 113 Brainerd senior and junior high lifters in grades 8-12.

The top 3 fundraising teams and their Sertoma captains will be announced at the end of March.

Top maximum lifts for boys

Bench press: Mike Glass (315)

Power clean: Jacob Kassulker and Caleb Tautges (335; breaks all-time record).

Parallel squat: Caleb Tautges (445).

Total combined lifts: Caleb Tautges (1,075).

Top maximum lifts for girls

Bench press: Laura Boran (145).

Power clean: Courtney Ryan (190).

Parallel squat: Courtney Ryan (300).

Total combined lifts: Courtney Ryan (610).

Additional boys’ MPPO winners

and order of finish

Tyler Fitch 5.17, Winsten Fenske 5.14, Logan Jones 5.10, Mike Davis 5.05, Nick Welch 4.78, Caleb Tautges 4.69, Troy Lenz 4.69, Matt Ramerth 4.62, Will Stolski 4.54, Caleb Herrlich 4.48, Jackson Dols 4.47, Cole Smith 4.47, Conor Gessell 4.46, Jacob Kassulker 4.41, Trevor Maier 4.37, Logan McElfresh 4.34, Paul Augustinack 4.32, Tyler Aldous 4.31, Slade Simpson 4.31, Jon Asprey 4.30, Chris Laber 4.30, Austin Gapinski 4.28, Sam Klinger 4.26, Luke Boran 4.24, Blake Erickson 4.23, Joey Noton 4.23, Dylon Tollefson 4.20, Andrew Koering 4.18, Ian Smith 4.07, Nate Smith 4.07, Dane Sypnieski 4.07, Tommy Schlosser 4.03, Tim Nelson 4.01, Fletcher Ryan 4.00, Jace Engelmann 4.00, Alex Evanson 4.00.

Additional girls’ MPPO winners

and order of finish

Erica Rehnblom 3.62, Chelsie Manton 3.31, Laura Boran 3.05, Kayla Logelin 3.05, Nicole Marquart 2.98, Nikki DeChaine 2.81, Jenny Hendrickson 2.80.

Boys lifters with top 10

all-time performances

Power clean: Jacob Kassulker and Caleb Tautges, tied for 1st place all classes (335); Mike Davis, 6th place all classes (315).

Total combined lifts: Caleb Tautges, 6th place all classes (1,075); Jacob Kassulker, 10th place all classes (1,050).

MPPO: Miles Pearson, 4th place, 12th grade (6.00); Winsten Fenske, 8th place,

10th grade (5.14); Logan Jones, 9th place, 10th grade (5.10).

Girls lifters with top 10

all-time performances

Bench press: Laura Boran, 7th place all classes (145).

Power clean: Courtney Ryan, 2nd place all classes (190).

Parallel squat: Courtney Ryan, 4th place all classes (300); Erica Rehnblom,

Eighth place all classes (255).

Total combined lifts: Courtney Ryan, 4th place all classes (610).

MPPO: Courtney Ryan, 2nd place, 11th grade (3.91); Erica Rehnblom, 3rd place, 10th grade (3.62).

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