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Hillcross: Sturm scores high finishes at Ski Gull

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LAKE SHORE — Colton Sturm, MSRA No.1 pro rider, is back and better than ever after an injury that nearly ended his career.

Sturm, who just got the OK from his doctor to start racing again, took to the hills Saturday for the first time this season at Ski Gull’s Hillcross race.

Sturm won three of the five qualifying rounds, putting him in prime position for the pro heats where he placed second in the Pro 800, first in the Pro 900, and despite a minor crash in the Open heat where he suffered a minor re-injury, finished First in the final King of the Hill Round putting him in the top spot for the day’s races.

“I feel really good,” said Sturm. “I got a few good placements. I came off the sled during the open due to the conditions, the track was really holed out, but it feels great to be back on the sled. I think I might have done some damage to my leg during the Open heat so I’ll be getting an X-ray Monday. I think this might be the end of me for the season.”

Alex Roufs of Hermantown, took home first place in the Pro 800 and Pro Open.

“It’s always good to come out here and race against everybody, we’ve got a good group of guys and a lot of camaraderie between all of us,” said Roufs. “It was good to see Sturm out here after his injury. Its always good to race against him and to still get a few wins under my belt.”

Also winning were Pine River’s Steve Sherwood in Vintage, Mitch Posterick of Little Falls in Semi-Pro 600 stock and Pro Stock and Jordan Sherwood of Pine River in Semi-pro 800 and 900.

Despite the warm weather and tricky racing conditions, the event was a success for Ski Gull as they end their season for the winter.

“I think it went fantastic,” said Dale Bosch, executive director of Ski Gull. “We managed to stretch our snow into a nice safe challenging track for everybody. The event people were happy and I saw smiling faces all day long so I’m happy.”


4-7: 1-Joon Kramarczuk (Plymouth), 2-Jake Friedrich (Thief River Falls), 3-Dominik Seebeck (Hastings).

4-7 Modified: 1-Joon Kramarczuk (Plymouth), 2-Brogan Vest (Eveleth), 3-Jory Cordes (Eveleth).

8-12: 1-Jayger Cordes (Zimmerman), 2-Max Bollesen (Farmington), 3-Tyler Lamourea (Mt. Iron).

8-12 Modified: 1-Jayger Cordes (Zimmerman), 2-Tyler Lamourea (Mt. Iron), 3-Keigan Bollesen (Farmington).

10-13: 1-Matt Duitsman (Elk River), 2-Amanda Duitsman (Elk River), 3-Isaac Polson (Greenfield).

14-17: 1-Zachary Ehresman (Verndale), 2-Chad Christensen (Fridley), 3-Brandon Henderson (Ham Lake).

120X: 1-Matt Lamourea (Eveleth), 2-Dominik Seebeck (Hastings), 3-Tyler Lamourea (Eveleth).

MSRA 500: 1-Kyle Motschenbocher.

Women’s Sport: 1-Amanda Duitsman (Elk River).

Vintage: 1-Steve Sherwood (Pine River), 2-Jesse Watland (Detroit Lakes).

600 Stock: 1-Cody Welch (New Richmond), 2-Josh Dejong (Blue Earth), 3-Connor Mckenzie (Pine Island).

Sport 600 Stock: 1-Dustin Cook (Oronoco), 2-Zachary Ehresman (Verndale), 3-Scott Brinker (Bruce).

Semi-Pro 600 Stock: 1-Mitch Posterick (Little Falls), 2-Max Holmes (Wayzata), 3-Taylor Ehresman (Verndale).

Trail 600: 1-Wyatt Hulls (St. Joseph), 2-Jeffery Jones (Grand Rapids), 3-Rob Grabon (Bruce).

600 Fan: 1-Connor Mckenzie (Pine Island), 2-Amanda Duitsman (Elk River), 3-Issac Polson (Greenfield).

Pro 600 Stock: 1-Mitch Posterick (Little Falls).

Sport 600: 1-Dustin Cook (Oronoco), 2-Jeff Seebeck (Hastings), 3-Tarvis Audroff (Chippewa Falls).

Semi-Pro 600: 1-Nathan Davidson (Hibbing), 2-Max Holmes (Wayzata), 3-Drew Huls (St.Joseph).

Pro 600: 1-Mike Hudecek (Calman), 2-Kyle Veden (Delano), 3-Bobby Johnson (Winthrop).

Sport 700: 1-Jeff Seebeck (Hastings), 2-Tarvis Audroff (Chippewa Falls), 3-Kyle Motschenbocher (Ham Lake).

Semi-Pro 700: 1-Drew Huls (St.Joseph), 2-Nathan Davidson (Hibbing), 3-Aaron Bonelli (Hibbing).

Pro 700: 1-Mike Hudecek (Calman), 2-Kyle Veden (Delano), 3-Bobby Johnson (Winthrop).

Sport 800: 1-Tarvis Audroff (Chippewa Falls), 2-Jeffery Jones (Grand Rapids).

Semi-pro 800: 1-Jordan Sherwood (Pine River), 2-Rob Lange (Brainerd).

Pro 800: 1-Alex Roufs (Hermantown), 2-Colton Sturm (Nisswa), 3- Bobby Johnson (Winthrop).

Semi-Pro 900: 1-Jordan Sherwood (Pine River), 2-Rob Lange (Brainerd).

Pro 900: 1-Colton Sturm (Nisswa), 2- Alex Roufs (Hermantown), 3- Kyle Veden (Delano).

Pro Open: 1-Alex Roufs (Hermantown), 2-Kyle Veden (Delano), 3-Bobby Johnson (Winthrop).