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Track and Field: Ryan runs into record books

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Track and Field: Ryan runs into record books
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ST. CLOUD — Hannah Lundstrom was good, Courtney Ryan was better Saturday.

Both Brainerd Warriors sprinters broke the school 60-meter dash record at the Central Lakes Conference meet at St. Cloud State University, but it was Ryan who set the new standard with her first-place 8:19. Lundstrom finished third in 8.28.


Brainerd’s Chloe Miller was also a winner with an honor roll time of 10.09 in the 60-meter hurdles helping the Brainerd girls to third.

The Brainerd boys team was also third and picked up a victory from Nick Oldham in the 200 dash.

Carey Rezac was second in the 400 dash and Miles Pearson was second in the pole vault. Caleb Tautges scored a third in shot put.

Allison Kosobud and Sarah Yeh finished second and third respectively in the 800 run and Brainerd’s 4x100 relay of Claire Lepage, Lundstrom, Ryan and Ariana Huber placed second with a 53.94 and the 4x800 relay of Yeh, Lydia Herath, Abby Selisker and Kosobud was second.

Brainerd boys honor roll times went to Pearson and Andrew Olson in the 60 dash and Nick Schwen and Taylor Huber in the hurdles.

Boys’ team scores: 1-Sartell 115.5 2-Willmar 85, 3-Brainerd 76.5, 4-Sauk Rapids 67.5, 5-Fergus Falls 62, 6-Alexandria 60, 7-Rocori 44, 8-St. Cloud Tech 39, 9-Apollo 32.5

60 hurdles: 1-Jake Lynch (SR) 9.22, 12-Nick Schwen (Brd) 9.99, 14-Taylor Huber (Brd) 10.04, 26-Ian Smith (Brd() 13.53

60 dash: 1-Matt Huberty (SR) 7:30, 14-Miles Pearson (Brd) 7.64, 2-Andrew Olson (Brd) 7.72, 34-Ryan Votruba (Brd) 8.02, 36-Kylin Sweeney (Brd) 8.10, 40-Caleb Herlich (Brd) 8.27

200 dash: 1-Nick Oldham (Brd) 24.31, 22-Christian Einarson (Brd) 26.33, 36-Geoff Sheflo (Brd) 29.25, 38-Austin Anderson (Brd) 31.02, 39-Jeremiah Hoffman (Brd) 31.23

400 dash: 1-Jake Huber (Roc) 52.70, 2-Carey Rezac (Brd) 54.13, 8-David Supinski (Brd) 58.26, 28-Christian Veith (Brd) 1:03.44, 32-Sam Larson (Brd) 1:05.09

800 run: 1-Tyler Broadwell (Sar) 2:09.28, 5-Gerrit Garberich (Brd) 2:14.10, 22-Parker Frederickson (Brd) 2:34.44

1600 run: 1-Zach Haus (FF) 4:35.54, 20-Sam Guida (Brd) 5:22.78, 22-Taylor Schloemer (Brd) 5:25.86, 28-Joshua Wasniewski (Brd) 5:31.11, 34-Jed Smith (Brd) 5:48.65

3200 run: 1-Broadwell (Sar) 10:08.34, 7-Riley Nelsen (Brd) 10:43.28, 14-Zean Baker (Brd) 11:17.87, 20-Justin Kuglin (Brd) 12:19.21

4x100 relay: 1-Sauk Rapids 45.26, 3-Brainerd (Miles Pearson, Logan Davis, Andrew Olson, Isaiah Smith) 47.09

4x400 relay: 1-Alexandria 3:40.38, 4-Brainerd (Nick Schwen, Carey Rezac, Davis, Isaiah Smith) 3:45.29

Shot put: 1-Jesse Hacker (Alex) 51-9, 3-Caleb Tautges (Brd) 49-0, 18-Bill Desrocher (Brd) 39-4, 21-Tyler Aldous (Brd) 38-11

Long jump: 1-Zachary Haffner (SR) 21-3, 6-Kylin Sweeney (Brd) 17-11.25, 7-Taylor Lesmeister (Brd) 17-9

Triple jump: 1-Josh Lieberg (Sar) 43-3.75, 5-Isaac Johnson (Brd) 36-1, 11-Will Stolski (Brd) 32-6.5

High jump: 1-Josh Lieberg (Sar) 6-6, 4-Isaiah Smith (Brd) 5-10, 11-Taylor Huber (Brd) 5-3

Pole vault: 1-Tanner Nordlund (Sar) 13-0, 2-Miles Pearson (Brd) 12-0, 3-Josh Murrey (Brd) 11-6, 5-Tim Nelson (Brd) 11-6, 6-Jackson Dols (Brd) 11-0

Girls’ team scores: 1-Sartell 125, 2-Alexandria 87, 3-Brainerd 86, 4-Willmar 72, 5-Rocori 65, 6-Fergus Falls 59, 7-St. Cloud Tech 39, 8-Sauk Rapids 36, 8-Apollo 15

60 hurdles: Chloe Miller (Brd) 10.09

60 dash: 1-Courtney Ryan (Brd) 8.19, 3-Hannah Lundstrom (Brd) 8.28, 16-Chels Gould (Brd) 8.84

200 dash: 1-Maddie Bearson (Sar) 28.59, 12-Rachel Ford (Brd) 30.28, 22-Heather Fletcher (Brd) 31.10, 25-Nicole Marquart (Brd) 31.75, 31-Weibke Forstreuter (Brd) 32.34

400 dash: 1-Shelby-Lyn Schneider (Wil) 1:01.83, 12-Laura Boran (Brd) 1:09.87, 14-Fletcher 1:10.85, 19-Maya Hermerding (Brd) 1:13.13

800 run: 1-Haylie Zenner (FF) 2:187.39, 2-Allison Kosobud (Brd) 2:27.19, 3-Sarah Yeh (Brd) 2:27.39, 17-Abby Selisker (Brd) 2:50.70

1600 run: 1-Jamie Piepenburg (Alex) 5:02.03, 3-Amy Southard (Brd) 6:03.91, 11-Sara Whiteman (Brd) 6:24.19, 18-Cassidy Pelkey (Brd) 6:36.53, 21-Anja Smith (Brd) 6:41.18, 26-Serena Schreifels (Brd) 6:50.69

3200 run: 1-Samantha Sunstrom (SR) 11:43.49, 5-Sarah Fairbanks (Brd) 13:01.223, 6-Michaela Quast (Brd) 13:06.69

4x100 relay: 1-Fergus Falls 53.70, 2-Brainerd (Claire Lepage, Lundstrom, Ryan, Ariana Huber) 53.94

4x400 relay: 1-Fergus Falls 4:19.71, 6-Brainerd (Abby Clanton, Katy Johnson, Lepage, Huber) 4:37.32

4x800 relay: 1-Alexandria 10:07.61, 2-Brainerd (Yeh, Lydia Herath, Selisker, Kosobud) 10:26.84

Shot put: 1-Brittany Ludwig (Alex) 34-1, 9-Katlyn Tautges (Brd) 29-1, 19-Karli Ring (Brd) 25-7, 20-Maci Barnes (Brd) 25-4, 23-Meg Foster (Brd) 24-9

Long jump: 1-Haylie Zenner (FF) 16-7.75, 4-Miller 15-2.25

Triple jump: 1-Briana Rasmusson (FF) 33-10.75, 3-Ryan 32-1.75, 10-Boran 28-5

High jump: 1-Briquelle Bowden (Alex) 5-2, 10-Kayli Skinner 4-8, 10-Katy Johnson (Brd) 4-8, 10-Kayla Logelin (Brd) 4-8, 14-Nicole Marquart (Brd) 4-6

Pole vault: 1-Mikayla Dockendorf (Sar) 8-6, 6-Sherry Trana-Mudgett (Brd) 7-0

Next: Brainerd hosts time trails 4 p.m. Thursday.

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