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Area Track and Field: Pillager's Neururer part of four firsts

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Area Track and Field: Pillager's Neururer part of four firsts
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PIPESTONE — Pillager’s Matt Neururer won two individual events and was part of two winning relays Saturday at the Pipestone Invite.


Neururer won the 1600-meter run and the high jump. He and Isaac Jacboson, Devin Strack and Wesley DeLong won the 4x400 relay and the team of Strack, Neururer, Jacobson and Josh Warren won the 4x800.

Jake Wwizenegger won the triple jump and DeLong won the 400 dash.

Boys results:

110 hurdles: 1-Aaron Kozlowski (Pas) 16.54, 3-Adam Bandemer (Pill) 20.48

300 hurdles: 1-Austin LaFollette (SMC) 43.26, 9-Bandemer (Pill) 50.62, 15-Gavin Holsapple (Pill) 59.79

100 dash: 1-Jack Thony (MCC) 11.52, 11-Cory Vanhal (Pill) 12.79, 14-Dezmond Berndt (Pill) 13.11, 23-Dominick Johnson (Pill) 14.11

200 dash: 1-Bo Biever (Luv) 22.53, 3-Travis Richards (Pill) 23.65, 24-Johnson 29.07

400 dash: 1-Wesley DeLong (Pill) 50.46, 17-Kaine Schnagl (Pill) 1:04.42, 19-Luke Unger (Pill) 1:05.54

800 run: 1-Nate Getting (Ful) 2:09.32, 9-Trent Brand (Pill), 14-Schnagl (Pill) 2:33.26

1600 run: 1-Matt Neururer (Pill) 4:58.53, 3-Josh Warren (Pill) 5:06.93, 8-Isaac Jacobson (Pill) 5:21.08

3200 run: 1-Cody Hess (Luv) 11:09.22, 6-Jared Sandin (Pill) 12:15.77

4x100 relay: 1-Luverne 45.59, 4-Pillager (Bandemer, Nick Ruhl, Vanhal, Richards) 49.52

4x200 relay: 1-Luverne 1:33.26, 2-Pillager (Jake Weizenegger , Richards, Vanhal, Delong) 1:34.19

4x400 relay: 1-Pillager (Jacobson, Neururer, Warren, DeLong) 3:40.36

4x800 relay: 1-Pillager (Brand, Neururer, Jacobson, Warren) 9:00.79

Shot put: 1-Cody Rofshus (Luv) 46-7.5, 2-Ben Ramsey (Pill) 43-4, 11-Berndt (Pill) 35-3.5, 16-Ezra Johnson (PIll) 30-11

Discus: 1-Kozlowski (Pas) 137-5, 11-Ramsey (Pill) 106-3, 13-E. Johnson 94-1, 18-Nathan Johnson 77-3

Long jump: 1-Victor Ogeka (WIAR) 19-10.25, 3-DeLong 19-4.75, 7-Weizenegger (Pill) 17-5.75, Brand (Pill) 16-4

Triple jump: 1-Weizenegger (Pill) 40-1, 16-D. Johnson 32-5.25

High jump: 1-Matt Neururer (Pill) 6-2, 3-Jacobson (Pill) 5-6

Girls results:

100 hurdles: 1-Tia Muller (Pip) 16.14, 9-Jesslynn Johnson (Pill) 18.96, 11-Dawn Swartz (Pill) 19.53, 12-Rachel Alexander (Pill)

300 hurdles: 1-Hannah Van Dyke (SMC) 49.0, 8-Johnson (Pill) 56.82, 12-Akari Hirata (Pill) 57.91, 14-Jade Rau (Pill) 59.65

100 dash: 1-Tayla Peterson (Luv) 13.72, 5-Rachel Alexander (Pill) 14.32, 16-Alexis Christensen (Pill) 15.38, 28-Allison Brekke (Pill) 16.98

200 dash: 1-Peterson (Luv) 27.79, 13-Amanda Wangsness (Pill) 30.40, 19-Akari Hirata (Pill) 31.64, 24-Kayla Anderson (Pill) 35.01

400 dash: 1-Siera Wilgenburg (HBC) 1:01.74, 14-Savannah LaTarte (Pill) 1:12.42, 15-Alexis Christensen (Pill) 1:13.90

800 run: 1-Kaitlin Wohnoutka (Luv) 2:29.18, 15-Brooke Dumpprope 2:59.39, 21-Kelsie Hanson (Pill) 3:11.96

1600 run: 1-Makayla Hohn (Luv) 5:33.14, 12-Jade Rau (Pill) 6.49.62, 15-Hanson (Pill) 7:00.34

3200 run: 1-Morgan DeRuyter (SMC) 13:56.45, 6-Rau (Pill) 15.53.27

4x100 relay: 1-Hills Beaver Creek 54.07, 4-Pillager (Justyna Sandin, Rachel Alexander, Sarah Neururer, Amanda Wangsness) 55.46

4x200 relay: 1-Luverne 1:52.33, 8-Pillager (Wangsness, Hirata, LeTarte, Johnson) 2:01.14

4x400 relay: 1-Hills Beaver Creek 4:21.2, 5-Pillager (Nolan-Rapatz, Sandin, Neururer, Dumpprope) 4:32.09

4x800 relay: 1-Luverne 10:12.12, 4-Pillager (Neururer, Dumpprope, Nolan-Rapatz, Sandin) 11:00.99

Shot put: 1-Hannah Steele (Win) 40-0, 12-Nolan-Rapatz (Pill) 26-1.5, 24-Kayla Anderson (Pill) 20-4

Discus: 1-Steele (Win) 130-9, 8-Nolan-Rapatz (Pill) 85-5, 22-Keagan Montgomery (Pill) 65-0, 29-Wangsness (Pill) 43-7

Long jump: 1-Jada Carr (Russ) 16-0.5, 9-Johnson (Pill) 13-8, 12-Hirata (Pill) 13-1, 2-Alexander 11-11.75

Triple jump: 1-Carr (Russ) 33-10, 8-Swartz 29-10.5, 10-Neururer 29-1.5, 19-Dumpprope 23-10

High jump: 1-Riley Nordgaard (Canby) 5-2

Next: Pillager hosts invite 4 p.m. Thursday.

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