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Racing: Mees owns the show

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BARROWS — It was all Jared Mees all the time Thursday night at North Central Speedway as he dominated the program in the inaugural running of the Vintage Outlaw Grand National.

He then walked away with $3,500 in prize money for his effort.

Not only did Mees win all three events, and the dash for cash, he also led every lap and won going away in each race.

Mees made his return to North Central Speedway after winning the inaugural AMA flat track cycle event last September.

“This is my kind of race track with the slippery clay stuff,” Mees said. “When they set this up, I was really looking forward to coming back and trying to repeat what we did last year. We were successful at that so we have a long drive home and a Grand National at Lima, Ohio on Saturday.”

Conditions were much different Thursday night on a hot evening compared to last fall when it was a cool and damp racing night.

“The race track had a little more grip (Thursday) and I don’t know if it was from less bikes being out there or what, but the race track was definitely better tonight,” said Mees. “There were three classes of cycles that competed and another exhibition race that was run.”

The Pro Vintage Multi-cylinders, DTX Pro Singles, and Pro Vintage singles ran three heat races along with a feature event.

The field was split for the first two heats, but then came together for the final heat race. There was also a dash for cash that saw all three classes represented.

The Super Vintage bikes also ran an exhibition heat with racing legend Billy Hofmeister running along with his son Sam. Duke Erickson won the eight-lap event.

Mees came away with wins in all of his heat races. Jake Latimer, Kevin Anderson, and Nick Mataya also recorded victories.

There was also one scary moment in the DTX B heat.

Cole Anderson, a driver from Cambridge, lost control of his bike on turn three and ended up going over the handle bars and hitting the track surface. Anderson was down on the track for several minutes before being transported by ambulance for further evaluation.

The heat race was stopped at that point with Mees being declared the winner.

“You just try to avoid it and I really hope that he is okay,” Mees said of Anderson. “But it’s racing and you just try to get it out of your head and move forward.”

Move forward they did as the three feature races ran as scheduled with a 15-lap feature in the Pro Vintage Multi-cylinder class, and a 20-lap feature event in the DTX Pro single event. The evening then ended with a 15-lap feature in the Pro Vintage singles.

Each race was over after the first lap as Mees separated himself from the field. The battles for second and third place were entertaining with Latimer running by Duke Erickson in the first feature.

Josh Koch and Kevin Anderson battled in the second feature with Koch getting second. Brothers Duke and Clint Erickson went after each other in the final feature event with Duke Erickson topping his brother.

Pro Vintage Multi-cylinders

Feature: 1-Jared Mees, 2-Jake Latimer, 3-Duke Erickson

Heat 1: 1-Jake Latimer, 2-Soran Lavally, 3-Mac McGrew

Heat 2: 1-Jared Mees, 2-Duke Erickson, 3-Clint Erickson

B Heat: 1-Jared Mees, 2-Duke Erickson, 3-Jake Latimer

DTX Pro Singles

Feature: 1-Jared Mees, 2- Jason Koch, 3-Kevin Anderson

Heat 1: 1-Jared Mees, 2-Josh Koch, 3-Cole Anderson

Heat 2: 1-Kevin Anderson, 2-Nick Mataya, 3-Dustin Paul

B Heat: 1-Jared Mees, 2-Zach Zemanovic, 3-Cole Anderson

Pro Vintage singles

Feature: 1-Jared Mees, 2-Duke Erickson, 3-Clint Erickson

Heat 1: 1-Jared Mees, 2-Duke Erickson, 3-Clint Erickson

Heat 2: 1-Nick Mataya, 2-Steve Kasten, 3-Lee Fealy

B Heat:

Dash for Cash: 1-Jared Mees, 2-Kevin Anderson, 3-Mac McGrew

Super Vintage: 1-Duke Erickson, 2-Sam Kirby, 3-Billy Hofmeister