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Area Swimming and Diving: Flyers Lyter wins diving

SARTELL — Gaby Lyter scored a 167.5 to win the diving and teammate Carly Atkinson finished second for the Little Falls Flyers, who fell to the perennial state contending Sartell Sabres 103-75 Tuesday.

Sartell 103, Little Falls 75

200 medley relay: 1-Sartell 1:57.43, 3-Little Falls (Makyla Klever, Emily Stark, Diana Kempenich, Kristin Bobick) 2:07.86, 5-Little Falls (Mikaela Olson, Ashley Klein, Abby Swanson, Abby Van Heel) 2:17.82

200 freestyle: 1-Ellen Bloom (S) 2:00.36, 4-Mati Gold (LF) 2:19.40, 5-Kaitlyn Holtz (LF) 2:23.60, 6-Jordyn Himley (LF) 2:32.24

200 individual medley: 1-Gabby Hagen (S) 2:20.24, 4-Kirsten Holtz (LF) 2:44.44, 5-Christy Masog (LF) 2:47.09, 6-Annie Corbett (LF) 2:53.70

50 freestyle: 1-Jennifer Thompson (S) 25.95, 3-Klever (LF) 28.0, 4-Kempenich (LF) 28.24, 6-Van Heel Stark (LF) 29.16

Diving: 1-Gaby Lyter (LF) 167.70, 2-Carly Atkinson (LF) 164.80

100 butterfly: 1-Paige Pawlenty (S) 1:03.44, 4-Masog (LF) 1:18.94, 5-Jenny Walquist (LF) 1:23.60 6-Carla Walquist (LF) 1:26.07

100 freestyle: 1-Jennifer Thompson (S), 3-Kempenich (LF) 1:01.22, 4-Klever (LF) 1:01.24, 6-Van Heel (LF) 1:04.61

500 freestyle: 1-Kendra Raths (S) 5:50.90, 3-Gold (LF) 6:14.77, 5-Holtz (LF) 6:30.85, 6-Himley (LF) 6:54.38

200 freestyle relay – 1-Sartell 1:40.86, 3-Little Falls (Kempenich, Stark, Gold, Klever) 1:52.57, 5-Little Falls (Corbett, Savanna Slettom, Aiden VAn Hercke, Masog) 2:02.72, 6-Little Falls (Himely, Kaitlyn Holtz, Kirsten HOltz, Carla Walquist) 2:08.35

100 backstroke: 1-Slettom (LF) 1:17.17, 2-Olson (LF) 1:18.98, 3-Rachel Reller (LF) 1:20.25

100 breaststroke: 1-Stark (LF) 1:18.72, 2-Swanson (LF) 1:19.93, 3-Kirsten Holtz (LF) 1:21.34

400 freestyle relay: 1-Little Falls (Gold, Masog, Corbett, Bobick) 4:25.40, 2-Little Falls (Slettom, Holtz, Walquist, Holtz) 4:35.64, 3-Little Falls (Swanson, Van Hercke, Himley, Rachel Smith) 4:44.25

Overall: LF . Next: Little Falls at St. Cloud Cathedral 6 p.m. Thursday.

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