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Warrior Dance: Brainerd kicks the competition for first


The Brainerd Warriors dance team collected 372 points to capture the season-opening Central Lakes Conference kick meet Tuesday at Brainerd High School.


Brainerd tallied a five on rank points with the biggest difference between the Warriors and second-place Sartell coming in routine effectiveness. Brainerd scored a 40, while Sartell and third-place St. Cloud Tech each had 37.

“We felt energy wise we had a stronger performance than we expected and I think that is what brought us to the top,” said Brainerd head coach Cindy Clough. “I think our difficulty of routine was higher than others, so we were thrilled to have a win.

“Sartell was strong and we felt their routine was choreographed stronger than usual. We were happy that we won in every category but tied in choreography.”

Brainerd and Sartell both scored 75s on choreography and tied in kicks with 110 points each. Execution went to Brainerd by one point over Sartell. Brainerd collected two more points on difficulty than Sartell.

“We have some cleaning to do and look forward to our next meet,” Clough said. “ Now we will hit jazz strong as we have conference jazz in Willmar on Dec. 14 and kick and jazz in Maple Grove on the 15th.”

The Brainerd junior varsity dance team also won with Alexandria’s JV finishing second.


Kicks- (Technique), (Height/placement/timing), (Difficulty) 110

Execution- (Placement/control), (Degree of accuracy) 74

Choreography- (Visual effectiveness/creativity), (practicality of content) 75

Difficulty- (choreography & combinations), (Formations/transitions) 73

Routine Effectiveness-40

Total Points 372

Rank Points 5


Kicks- (Technique), (Height/placement/timing), (Difficulty) (110)

Execution- (placement/control), (Degree of accuracy) 73

Choreography- (Visual effectiveness/creativity) (practicality of content ) (75)

Difficulty- (choreography & combinations ) (Formations/transitions ) (71)

Routine Effectiveness-37

Total Points 366

Rank Points 6

3-St. Cloud Tech

Kicks- (Technique), (Height/placement/timing), (Difficulty) (108)

Execution-( Placement/control), (Degree of accuracy) (66)

Choreography- (Visual effectiveness/creativity), (practicality of content) (71)

Difficulty- (choreography & combinations), (Formations/transitions) (67)

Routine Effectiveness-37

Total Points 349

Rank Points 8


PLACE: 4th

JAZZ SKILLS (Technique), (Technique of Leaps and Jumps) (Difficulty of skills) (98)

EXECUTION (Placement and control) (Degree of Accuracy ) (68)

CHOREOGRAPHY (Visual effectiveness & creativity) (Practicality of Content) (63)

DIFFICULTY (Choreography) (Combinations) (62)


Total Points 325


5th Sauk Rapids 312-Rank 13

6th St. Cloud Apollo 279-20.5

7th Willmar -278-21.5

8th Alexandria 263 -23

9th Fergus Falls 251 -25 rank

Next: Brainerd in Central Lakes Conference competition meet Dec. 14 at Willmar.

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