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BOWLING: Little Falls continues to lead traveling league

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sports Brainerd, 56401

Brainerd MN 506 James St. / PO Box 974 56401

Little Falls remained in first place with Milaca moving into second place as the Central 8 Traveling Classic League met Sunday at Wadena Lanes.


High team series leaders were Wadena with 3,070, Pine River 3,057 and Little Falls 3,055.

High team game honors went to Milaca with 1,104, Pine River and Brainerd 1,097, and Little Falls 1,076.

High individual series was by Tim Kimman of Little Falls with a 705, Kevin Pederson of Brainerd 698, and Jeremy Freitag of Wadena 697.

High individual game honors went to Brian Collins of Aitkin with a 258, Dan Pohlkamp of Little Falls 256 and Kevin Pederson of Brainerd 252.

Next meeting will be at 10 a.m. Jan. 20 at Little Falls.

League standings


Little Falls 152-88

Milaca 141.5-98.5

McGregor 135.5-104.5

Pine River 128.5-111.5

Wadena 121.5-118.5

Aitkin 116-124

Brainerd 115.5-124.5

Crosby 49.5-190.5