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Softball: Mid-Summer slam a success

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For the first time in Brainerd history the Mid-Summer Slam July 14 took place at the Brainerd High School varsity fields.

According to Brainerd Parks and Recreation specialist Katie Kaufman, the new venue created extra "pizazz" for the event.

The Petite game opened the festivities with Most Valuable honors going to Tori Oehrlein of the Wildcats and Anja Storbakken of the Diamond Queens.

According to Kaufman: "Tori's all-around game was unmatched. she was a vacuum out there catching every ball in sight. Beyond that, Tori managed to hit two singles, three doubles, and 6 RBIs. Anja was also a great fielder, but really stuck out offensively with five singles and five RBIs."

Also being nominated to the Petite Mid-Summer slam were: Heat players Autumn Schiller, Stella Marohn, Sienna Busbey, Anja Storbakken, Josie Maurer, Sienna Farrell, Addison Lillo, Sofie Newman, Quinn Giles, and Grace Holden.

And for the Force: Maggie Judd, Lindsay Hunt, Laura Lust, Tori Oehrlein, Fallon Whirley, Lauren Hunt, Nora Nichols, Emma Garding, Valerie Jacobs, and Natalie Fleck.

The Junior game palyed next with Sophia Laube of the Loons and Megan Yeager of the Nighthawks. Laube finished with a single, double, home run and five RBIs. yeager hit three doubles and drove in four runs.

"The star play of hte game was Natalie Matich's in-the-park home run as a first year player in the Junior league," said Kaufman. "That was highly impressive."

Also nominate for the Junior Mid-Summer slam were Heat players: Thea Shogren, Savannah Hardy, Rylee Hanson, Madyson McGovern, Sophia Laube, Erica Lowe, Emma Winterfeld, Jocelyn Koering, Vanessa Ostrowski, Emma Moreno, and Natalie Matich

The Force roster was: Ayianna Boller, Crystal Churchill, Emma Headley, Megan Yeager, Ziggy Herron, Gabby Wills, Quincy Larson, Megan Bucholz, Payton Lillo, Scottie Svoboda, and Charleigh Byker.

The final game belonged to the Senior League, whose MVPs wentt o Shayla Makowski-Budrow of the Wolfpack and Anna Vreeland of the Muskies. Makowski-Budrow finished with two doubles and three RBIs.

Vreeland hit a single and was stellar in the field.

"The star play of the game goes to Dalarie DeRosier who hit a home run," Kaufman said.

The Senior League rosters were for the Heat: Kortny Villnow, Anna Vreeland, Emilie Sluckich, Hayley Carner, Elisha Burnard, Kimmie Christensen, Mary Hoskins, Dalerie DeRosier, Lexi Larson, & Abby Wohl-Kovatovich.

For the Force: Nikki Hartman, Kylee DeRosier, Jennifer Franzen, Maycie Berg, Shayla Makowski-Budrow, Emily Thompson, Emily Kassulker, Jada Stinar and Brooke Nieman.