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Ebert continues dominance with sweep

A $1,500 purse for the feature win brought out the heavy hitters from South Dakota to compete Saturday night with the North Central Speedway track veterans in the RV Mod Tour. 

Sponsored by Hilmerson RV, the tour gives local A-Modified drivers the chance to compete with circuit drivers, who are based out of South Dakota, in a 40-lap feature event for the big money.

However, when the purse and the car count go up, so do the amount of caution flags. That was certainly the case under a full moon.

When the dust cleared and the wreckers were done hauling the damaged cars away, Dan Ebert emerged victorious with a win over Joey Jensen and Don Eischens. Ebert made it a clean sweep with a first-place finish in the Midwest Modified feature event.

Before the race, one fan got to pick one driver to win the race for a chance to win $100. The fan picked Ebert.

“It’s neat whenever the track can get fans involved like that,” Ebert said. “It makes them feel special and part of the action and that’s just a win-win.”

Ebert wasn’t a huge long shot as he leads the season points standings in the A-Modified class. 

Ebert also leads the Midwest Modified series and he built on that lead with his win. With an increased purse of $600, Ebert walked away with a nice payout for the night.

Part of the process of getting the pay out is to work together as a team, Ebert said and he gave credit to his pit crew. 

“I can’t thank my crew enough,” he said. “We have been together all year and it’s getting down to the nitty gritty. We need to build momentum and be there at the end.”

Ebert burst out to the lead off the green flag in the Midwest Modified event. He had to go back to the second row for a restart after lap one when the field was reset. However, that didn’t last very long as Ebert jumped out again and stayed out front even through five caution flags.

“You just try to tell yourself before the race that it’s going to be a long time and to have patience, and just try to keep a cool head,” he said.

In the A-Modified feature event, Ebert had to be patient with a start from the third row. Don EIschens was the early leader and held that spot for the first 23 laps. Ebert then saw his spot, and executed a clean pass with 17 laps left.

“It was fun battling with Don (Eischens) there,” Ebert said. “I showed him my nose and I thought he was going to take my line. But the high groove was where it was at tonight, and it is fun battling with front runners and racing clean.”

Along with the modified races, there were also a full night with all of the other regular series running. Matt Everts won the Outlaw Hornets feature and David Deters followed with a win in the Hornet feature.

Robert Mueller took home the first-place trophy in the Pure Stock feature and Scott Baron broke through with a victory in the Street Stock feature event.

Eischens won the Super Stock feature race to finish a successful night.

With just three weeks left in the season, Jonny Moe holds a nine-point lead over Gary Ohnstad Jr. in the the Pure Stock class. Tim Johnson holds a commanding lead over Mark Johnson in the Street Stock class and Dave Read holds a 54-point lead over Tim Johnson in Super Stock.

NCS Hornets

Feature: 1-David Deters, 2-Brandon Mehrwerth, 3-Abby Garin

NCS Outlaw Hornets

Feature: 1-Matt Everts, 2-Jess Geesey, 3-Derek Brenny

Pure Stock

Heat 1: 1-Robert Mueller, 2-Tom Anderson, 3-Pat Zerfas

Heat 2: 1-Mike Smude, 2-Gary Ohnstad Jr., 3-David Dosh

Heat 3: 1-Richard Nelson, 2-Mike Nelson, 3-Chris Seidel

Heat 4: 1-Jonny Moe, 2-Lance Sprague, 3-Gary Sack

Consi: 1-Ross Nygren, 2-Aaron Fenstermaker, 3-Corey Larson

Feature: 1-Robert Mueller, 2-Mike Smude, 3-Gary Ohnstad Jr.

Street Stock

Heat 1: 1-Mark Johnson, 2-John Yilek, 3-Scott Baron

Heat 2: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Jack Peterson, 3-Allend Brehmer

Feature: 1-Scott Baron, 2-Todd Wooden, 3-Tim Johnson

Midwest Modified

Heat 1: 1-Dan Ebert, 2-DJ Tesch, 3-Les Schoon

Heat 2: 1-Ryan Studanski, 2-Scott Atkinson, 3-Scott Blood

Heat 3: 1-Craig Larson, 2-Travis Wermter, 3-Danny Vang

Feature: 1-Dan Ebert, 2-Craig Larson, 3-Dennis Czech

Super Stock

Heat 1: 1-Don Eischens, 2-Derek Sweet, 3-Dave Read

Heat 2: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Mike Frolik, 3-Seth Kramer

Feature: 1-Don Eischens, 2-Tim Johnson, 3-Dave Read


Heat 1: 1-Kent Arment, 2-Scot Danzeisen, 3-Rick Jacobson

Heat 2: 1-Ryan Canon, 2-Jeff Hart, 3-Dan Ebert

Heat 3: 1-Joey Jensen, 2-Nate Heinrich, 3-Andy Gordon

Heat 4: 1-Don Eischens, 2-Justin Jones, 3-Mike Stearns

Consi 1: 1-Jordon Foster, 2-Rich Pavlicek, 3-Jerry Esler

Consi 2: 1-Matt GIlbertson, 2-Curt Gelling, 3-Jason Voigt

Feature: 1-Dan Ebert, 2-Joey Jensen, 3-Don Eischens