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Sabraski tightens points race with Johnson

BARROWS — Shane Sabraski made it another clean sweep at North Central Speedway Saturday, and earned a spot in the “Race of Champions” in the qualifying night of racing.

He also tightened up the points race in the Modified class as he moved to four points of leader Tim Johnson.

“We had good runs tonight, but we drew really well tonight,” Sabraski said. “It’s a really big deal to draw well and I guess I was hoping to pull at least a couple of wins out. We have been struggling a little bit here more then normal, but we got two new cars. Timmy (Johson) has been running really well in the Super Stock and we have just been running hard and seeing what we can do.”

Jack Peterson and Josh Abrahamson also earned spots in the “Race of Champions” with wins Saturday.

The “Race of Champions” is run at the Wissota 100 which will be at the Dakota State Fair Speedway in September. Every track has one night of qualifying for this race. Saturday was North Central Speedway’s turn and Sabraski scored wins in the Midwest Modified, Super Stock, and A-Modified class to gain entry into that race. Peterson earned a spot in the Street Stock race and Abrahamson came through with a win in the Mod 4’s class.

Even though the tighter points race between Johnson and Sabraski is in the A-Modified, those two drivers enjoyed a classic confrontation in the Super Stock feature.

Sabraski said he and Johnson own different skill sets which makes the racing between the two intense.

“It’s a tough class and it is a lot of fun driving the car,” Sabraski said. “Between Timmy and I, it’s kind of a struggle to see who gets to the front first. It seems like whoever gets through there wins the race and for some reason he is better at getting through traffic then me. I don’t know if it is because he is able to rub people a bit and I am just too cautious. If I can get to the front, I can hold him off, but if he gets there, I can’t catch him.”

Sabraski had the lead from the start and gained separation from Johnson. Caution flags came out on laps four, seven and 17 to draw the field back together, which worked to Johnson’s advantage.

Sabraski said the caution flags can get to him if he is running out front.

“It does bother me if I am trying to stretch the lead out a little bit,” he said. “Especially in the Super where Timmy was all over the back of me. I could hear him back there the whole time and every couple of laps I was able to stretch it because I wasn’t hearing him as much. Then all of a sudden a caution would come out again so it can be nerve wracking.”

Sabraski held off Johnson’s challenge out of the lap 17 caution for the win. He still trails Johnson by 60 points for the season championship.

Sabraski made up ground in the A-Modified points race with a green-to-checker victory and trails Johnson by four points.

Sabraski finished off the clean sweep with his win in the four-caution Midwest Modified feature. He didn’t start with the lead, but found himself there after lap two. Danny Vang holds a 19-point lead over Sabraski after the feature event.

Robert Mueller won the Pure Stock feature with Aaron Johnson finishing second. Johnson has a 19-point lead over Mueller with two races remaining.

Josh Abrahamson added to his lead in the Mod 4’s with a win over Tommy Sabraski. Abrahamson holds a 10-point lead over Devin Larson.

Jake Hagemann and Brandon Mehrwerth won the Hornet features.

Jack Peterson returned to the winners stand, which he has become familiar with, in the Street Stock feature. Peterson took the lead on the second lap from Mark Johnson and never trailed again.

Dan Bartick had his car go up on the wall in the back straight away and had to be pulled off by the tow truck in the Street Stock Race. In that same race, Dave Read suffered a fractured vertebrae after his car rolled coming into turn four. Track staff tore the roof off the car to remove Read, who was transported to the hospital.


Feature: 1-Jake Hagemann, 2-Kaylee Wallner, 3-Brodey Kropuenske


Feature: 1-Brandon Mehrwerth, 2-Jess Geesey, 3-Matt Everts


Feature: 1-Robert Mueller, 2-Aaron Johnson, 3-Dylan Nelson

Heat 1: 1-Aaron Johnson, 2-Robert Mueller, 3-Derek Daudt

Heat 2: 1-Gary Ohnstad Jr., 2-Mike Smude, 3-Kyle Dykhoff

Heat 3: 1-David Eich, 2-Dylan Nelson, 3-Clay Christopherson


Feature: 1-Jack Peterson, 2-Allen Brehmer, 3-John Kropuenske

Heat 1: 1-Mark Johnson, 2-John Kropuenske, 3-Tim Johnson

Heat 2: 1-Jack Peterson, 2-Dave Read, 3-Allen Brehmer


Feature: 1-Shane Sabraski, 2-Dennis Czech, 3-Jon Frolik

Heat 1: 1-Jon Frolik, 2-Tom Gill, 3-Tim Johnson

Heat 2: 1-Danny Vang, 2-Scott Engholm, 3-Travis Wermter

Heat 3: 1-Shane Sabraski, 2-Dennis Czech, 3-Jonathan Olmscheid


Feature: 1-Shane Sabraski, 2-Tim Johnson, 3-Seth Kramer

Heat 1: 1-Dan Severson, 2-Seth Kramer, 3-Jake Goetze

Heat 2: 1-Dave Read, 2-Tim Johnson, 3-Shane Sabraski


Feature: 1-Josh Abrahamson, 2-Tommy Sabraski, 3-Matt Staab

Heat 1: 1-Tommy Sabraski, 2-Dean Larson, 3-Matt Staab

Heat 2: 1-Josh Abrahamson, 2-Chad Funt, 3-Tommy Bawden


Feature: 1-Shane Sabraski, 2-Rick Jacobson, 3-Shawn Fletcher

Heat 1: 1-Shane Sabraski, 2-Justin Jones, 3-Matt Weisman

Heat 2: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Rick Jacobson, 3-Ed Rolfson Jr.