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NASCAR: Danica Patrick not keen on posing nude … yet

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick arrives at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday, July 17, 21 / 2
NASCAR driver Danica Patrick arrives at the ESPY Awards on Wednesday, July 17, 22 / 2

Danica Patrick admitted she gets offer to pose in various stages of dress – and undress – but so far she’s turned down every offer.

But that doesn’t mean she is opposed to the idea.

She’s already posed for several promotions that involved her being scantly-dressed, if not provocatively. But for now, she’ wants to be very selective about future shoots.

She’s been asked yearly by Sports Illustrated to appear in its painted bathing suit editions. She’s also been on ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue radar.

“I asked one of my most liberal friends if I should do it and she was like, ‘Um, that’s naked right? Last I checked that’s naked.’ Would I feel comfortable? I’m sure it’d be a little bit border line,” she said.

“There’s a difference to me between going to the beach and wearing a swimming suit and going to the beach and wearing nothing or paint. That’s just pushing the limit a little bit. I mean as far as artistically I think it’d be really fun but it’s not things that I need to do to push the issue with my brand. There’s already enough stuff that I do that pushes that.”

While Patrick said she’s refused any offer to pose without clothes, she wants to leave the option open.

“I’m not saying there will never be a day,” she said. “When I speak to them and they ask me each time I say, “Don’t stop asking. I don’t know. I might change my mind one year. And it might be something that parallels something else I’m doing, or where I’m at, or how I’m feeling.’ But just not right now.”

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