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Stock Car Racing: Gallagher, Johnson stay hot with feature wins

BARROWS — Lexi Gallagher and Tim Johnson each won feature events for the second weekend in a row at North Central Speedway on Saturday night.

Gallagher engaged in a great duel with Drue Fletcher in the Hornet feature as the two drivers traded top spots throughout the race. When the dust settled at the finish, Gallagher was the winner.

Tim Johnson is driving in a Street Stock and Super Stock car at the speedway this year and he’s been dominant in both.

He took third in the first Super Stock event, which was made up Saturday night after a rainout on opening weekend. Johnson has won the other four feature races in which he has participated.

Johnson ran away from the field in the Street Stock feature with Mark Johnson coming in a distant second. Johnson also won the Super Stock feature in front of Dexton Koch and did so on a flat left front tire.

Johnson’s early season success is also on a national level as he was in the top spot through eight events in national Wissota points in Super and Street Stock cars through eight events.

Michael Nelson and Dylan Nelson had the best run of the night in the Pure Stock feature. Michael Nelson maintained the top spot for the majority of the race, but he was pressed by Dylan Nelson for the entire race.

Both drivers had a shot at the victory coming out of turn four on the final lap, and Michael was able to edge Dylan for the win.

Shane Sabraski returned to NCS after taking a week off and he made his return pay off with a win in the makeup Super Stock feature, and he then took the win in the Midwest Modified feature.

Dennis Czech, currently second in points nationally in the Midwest Modified class through six shows, came in second and Ashley Mehrweth continued her impressive early season run with a third-place finish.

Corry Vanmil came through with the win in the Mod 4 feature running in front of Luke Johnson and Dean Larson.

Larson is fourth in national points through four events.

Shane Sabraski took his second win of the night in the Modified feature as he finished in front of Shawn Fletcher and Don Shaw.

NCS notes

Super Stock and Hornet features were made up from May 10 when the events were rained out. Shane Sabraski and Drue Fletcher won those events. Complete results from all races will be posted after the other makeup races are completed in June.


Feature: 1-Lexi Gallagher, 2-Drue Fletcher, 3-Rod Berg

Heat 1: 1-Drue Fletcher, 2-Lexi Gallagher, 3-Rod Berg


Feature: 1- Michael Nelson, 2-Dylan Nelson, 3-David Dosh

Heat 1: 1-Michael Nelson, 2-Dylan Nelson, 3-Sierra Kramer

Heat 2: 1-Jake Hagemann, 2-David Dosh, 3-Aaron Fenstermaker


Feature: 1- Tim Johnson, 2-Mark Johnson, 3-Aaron Johnson

Heat 1: 1-Cory Dykhoff, 2-Aaron Johnson, 3-Wade Blumke

Heat 2 : 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Mark Johnson, 3-Billy Kendall


Feature: 1- Shane Sabraski, 2-Dennis Czech, 3-Ashley Mehrwerth

Heat 1: 1- Shane Sabraski, 2-Ashley Mehrwerth, 3-Billy Kendall

Heat 2: 1- Dennis Czech, 2-Mike Brenny, 3-Brandon Mehrwerth

Heat 3: 1-Terry Merten, 2-Chris Vanmil


Feature: 1-Tim Johnson, 2-Dexton Koch, 3-Jake Goetze

Heat 1: 1-Dexton Koch, 2-Tim Johnson, 3-Dave Read

Heat 2: 1-Shane Sabraski, 2-Nick O’Brien, 3-Dan Severson


Feature: 1- Corry Vanmil, 2-Luke Johnson, 3-Dean Larson

Heat 1: 1- Dean Larson, 2-Dustin Zieske, 3-Tommy Sabraski

Heat 2: 1-Corry Vanmil, 2-Luke Johnson, 3-Jess Geesey


Feature: 1- Shane Sabraski, 2-Shawn Fletcher, 3-Don Shaw

Heat 1: 1-Shane Sabraski, 2-Dano Ostrander, 3-Ryan Cannon