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Walleyedan: Needing some sunshine and gobbles

Good morning! At least that’s what it is right now as I start pecking on these keys.

You know what really makes me nervous? Icy roads, especially kids driving on icy roads. It seems like it’s been an every other day occurrence and now that it’s April you would think it wouldn’t be such a concern. Well it still is, especially since winter storm Yona is bearing down on us right now.

So, we’ve got blizzards, tornadoes and 4 feet of ice in April, airplanes disappearing into Never Never Land, mud slides, 8.2 magnitude earth quake, mountain lions roaming in backyards in the Motley area, starving people and animals, psychos shooting up our military forts, cancer hitting people all around us and many other issues that we are facing during our daily lives.

I don’t mean to be gloom and doom on this third day of April but sometimes when you get so hammered by all this “news” a person can start dwelling on it bit.

I really think sunshine and gobbles is what it’s going to take for me to get out of this little mini-funk! Minnesota turkey season starts on April 16 and it’s going to be interesting to see how this turkey season pans out. I’m excited and I am especially excited that all three of my children have expressed interest in getting out this year. Not sure if the boss hen will hunt or not, she hasn’t said much.

Where’s your happy place here on earth? This time of year mine is at a base of a tree with a diaphragm call in my mouth, a slate call, striker and Remington 870 (or bow and arrows) on my lap.

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