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Walleyedan: Busy, busy, busy!

It’s go time. Guiding, filming and wrapping up the gobbler season are just some of the things shaking down on the calendar.

I have a new fishing boat this year and it’s a little bit of a change for me. It’s a console (steering wheel), and after 5 years in a row with a tiller steer motor there is some “getting used to” that needs to be done. The comfort of the ride, the protection from the windshield and more speed are some of the benefits of the wheel over the tiller.

I also have a MinnKota Talon (shallow water anchor) rigged on this new boat and it’s proved to be a very useful tool already. I am waiting on my MinnKota Terrova bow mount trolling motor and plan on linking it into my new Hummingbird electronics ASAP. I see myself spending more time with the bow mount this year and less time at the stern with the MinnKota Vantage, I believe things will just work better this way.

But, with a new set-up it always takes a little time to “feel at home” and I just have not spent enough time in the new Larson FX 2020 DC to get that lovin’ feeling ... yet!

Great, I just received a phone call from a friend over in Wisconsin who just arrowed a big tom this morning. Now I am distracted, so I best say goodbye to you and get on with the rest of my day.

Have a great weekend and now that the Wild are done with the late night games it’s time to get back to a “normal” schedule with lots of fishing and a little more time in the turkey woods!


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