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What's Up Outdoors: Everything has a way of working out

All the plans for last weekend’s Teen Challenge fishing tournament were starting to fall apart — my partner couldn’t make the trip from Iowa and the weatherman was predicting thunder and lightning. But at the last minute everything came together, except for the hours of downpouring rain.

Since I was without a partner Jim Kalkofen said he had a replacement for me, and since the tournament was all for fun and a good cause I figured it didn’t matter if they knew how to fish or not. So anyway, Saturday morning around 6:30 a.m. I picked my teammate up at the dock at Cragun’s, got her in some raingear and we were off. She explained to me that she had been fishing off the docks at the resort for the last few days and catching a bunch of fish, so that was a good sign.

We started fishing around 7 a.m. and, after a couple of hours, she had the livewell full of our mixed bag limit except for a bass. So much for me wondering if my co-angler knew how to fish — she schooled me all day, typically catching four fish to my one. She said it was because I spent too much time messing around and not fishing. I think I just got out fished, plain and simple.

Finally around noon the rain let up and we were able to go get our crappie to finish our limit and upgraded a few bass. It was definitely refreshing to see someone get so excited everytime they caught a fish, no matter the size. We didn’t know how we would do in the weigh-in but at least we had a full bag. As it turns out, we placed and got to go through the prize tent, so for a tournament with 115 boats we were very happy with the results.

It’s funny how everything has a way of working out, isn’t it? Thank you to Jim Kalkofen, Ron and Al Lindner and the whole crew at Teen Challenge for putting on another great event and letting me be a small part of it.

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