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Walleyedan got mom on the board

I am not really a big-time tournament fisherman, but I do like supporting charities and every year I fish some of these events. This past weekend I fished the Camp Confidence Fishing Classic with my parents (Barb and Ike). This turned out to be "one of those days", and in a really good way!

If you recall, the wind was blowing and it was "moist." After takeoff at Madden's Resort around 8 a.m., we headed north and settled into an area along Grassy Point where the wind was ripping pretty good.

I was trying to hold with my big motor and it wasn't easy, so I thought rather than punish ourselves I would bring us to calmer waters! Good decision.

We pulled into spot No. 2 and my mom immediately had something heavy doubling the rod over. Not 100 percent certain, but I thought I saw a couple of rod tip bumps before her hook came free. So, that was that.

Not more than a minute or two after that, my dad and I doubled up on walleyes (mine was 21.5 and his was around 18 inches). It was now approximately 10 a.m. and I felt really good about landing another decent fish before we had to weigh-in at 2 p.m. The next two fish were "doinks" (10-12 inchers) but at least we had our three (that is all we could weigh, three walleyes).

I think my dad caught the next one and then I caught another and it was going really good.

We had our three in the box, all over 20 inches (20.5, 21.5 and 22.5).

I gave my wife Shelley the update and she was excited. Of course we were too.

She told us to catch a bigger one, but that's not always the way it goes. On this day, it was the way it went!

We had this area to ourselves with exception of one other tournament fisherman, his two participants and a few people fishing from shore (one of whom was my dad's friend). Jason Bahr was the other competitor, and he is a friend of our family.

He had to be laughing to see the circus we had going on in our boat when we hooked up with a fish! Anyway, we were getting it done.

Mom finally caught one! It wasn't bigger than the others, but it was important to get her on the board.

My next fish was a fighter and mom was the net lady. She missed it a time or two, and then got it in the net. It was barely hooked on the skin of the upper lip with my No. 1 Gamakatsu and it was amazing that we didn't lose that one ... it was a 23.5 inched!


helley got another call and she told us to get a bigger one! During that tussle with the 23.5 incher, both parents got snagged up in the rocks and I had to break both of their lines. I didn't really care because I felt really good about our bag weight. We were on a high and as we drifted off the spot, I retied their lines and we took a deep breath and some pictures.

Sorry that this is getting to be a book. Read on! It was now about 1 p.m.- ish and we decided to drop back in.

I hooked them up with their red tail chubs (thank you Dave and Jason at Sportland Bait) and they dropped back in.

I picked out a juicy minnow and dropped too. My sinker hit the bottom, I felt my minnow do a shake or two and then there was the sharp "whack"!

I just knew it was a good one! It was a battle and in the end, my net lady did her job and we had a 28-incher and this 31st annual tournament in the bag.

Thank you Lord for an awesome day and an awesome memory with my parents that we will never forget!