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Walleyedan: Going from water to prairie and woods

Good morning, I hope you are doing well. We are at that point of the season where the avid outdoors person starts to shift their thinking from the water to the woods. In my case, my shift is going to be to the western prairie where the antelope play.

We will be heading to Wyoming for an episode or two of "We Love It! Outdoors" television which is owned and presented by Mills Fleet Farm. The first and foremost "task" is to get within archery range of an antelope buck. I have been shooting my new bow and I am starting to feel pretty good. It sounds like the options are to either hang tight by the watering holes or spot and stalk. The ranch that we will be heading to is also home to rattle snakes, prairie dogs, coyotes, bass and trout. So it sounds like we will have plenty of options on this trip to Wyoming. I will clue you in when I return.

I am certainly getting excited for hunting season and have been seeing some nice animals on the game cameras. Just last night my son Mac and I headed to the woods and put out a couple of more cameras to see what we can see. The mosquitoes and deer flies almost covered us!

We have one camera near a raspberry patch and there was bear sign, could be fun to see the results of that camera. This is something that is pretty darn new to me, I hadn't been a big advocate of trail camera's and actually I still have mixed feelings about using them. But they sure are fun.

It's time to get the tree stands up and shooting lanes cleared so you're not like I normally am (doing this at the final hour). Our guides have been hard at it and I would like to thank all of them for burning the midnight oil - it's been a busy stretch and we are very appreciative!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend here in the Brainerd lakes area! Vroom, vroom!!, Walleyedan