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Game Fair is here

And before you know it, Game Fair is here and that means the early goose season is not far behind.

I am surprised that I still meet people that have never been there. There is a lot to see, including everything under the sun for the waterfowler as well as a ton of hunting dog supplies. Over the years it has expanded to fishhouses, ATVs and bowhunting. Of course it's always fun to try out one of the new shotguns on a round of trap.

But one thing that is really cool about Game Fair is being able to select a custom duck or goose call. There are a bunch of "homegrown" call companies there that will help you select a call that will work for you. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when buying calls. If you are looking at duck calls, do you hunt open water or timber and then do you want a double reed or single reed? if you are a beginner goose hunter do you want to start on a flute call or go to a short reed? Most of the call companies there will help you pick a call for you, as well as tune it for you. Then the only thing left is to pick your color and or composition of the call, wood, acrylic or polycarbonate.

So call buying has definitely evolved from buying a call at a big box store, bringing it home to find out it is not for you and selling it at your next garage sale. When you leave with your custom call you should be very confident in it and plan on having it for years to come.