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Mystery of the Mississippi continues

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And another Rod Benders Memorial Tournament is in the books and my love/hate relationship with the Mississippi River continues to be leaning a little on the hate side.

Don't get me wrong, the river is a great body of water to fish for many different species but one of my downfalls is that I try to fish it on memory and really do not spend much time on it. There are so many variables to consider such as water level, water clarity and just plain and simple fish moving and not feeding for no reason.

Most people's reasoning for it is simply, it's the river. As far as the tournament goes it was a blast, with 47 boats this year it is growing a little each year. As far as the fishing, for us it was a little slow but my wife Tammy did boat some nice northerns. Actually, she put every fish in the livewell. As for me, well, not so good. I ended up with a little musky and a rock bass.

I would like to give a big congrats to Mike and Lori Guin on the win as well as putting on a great event along with the whole Rod Benders crew. The money from this tournament is given to Fishing Has No Boundaries, which is coming up Aug. 22-23. So not only did they win, they will also get to see hundreds people with disabilities having a fun day on the water at Camp Confidence.

Rod Benders puts on a few tournaments throughout the summer as well as a weekly fishing league, so if you are interested in getting on the water a little more check them out at or on Facebook. They are a great group of people that have a deep passion for fishing and helping others create their passion one fish at a time.