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What's Up Outdoors: Finishing deer season with a bang

Being I had to cut Minnesota deer season short due to some medical issues, this year Thanksgiving dinner would have to be a day early. Because when everyone else is going into turkey coma I'll be watching the Montana sunrise and looking for a mule deer to finish my season off with a bang.

The weatherman has given us a pretty good forecast and most reports from my contacts out west say that the rut should be in full swing. Being I only have a couple of days to get it done I'm hoping for something bigger than last year but I will be happy with a respectable mule deer buck. And if things go right maybe a doe also.

No matter what happens the main thing is to enjoy the last few days of the season and reminisce of all the great people I've met this year fishing and being fortunate enough to bag my bull elk hunting this year. So this year for Thanksgiving, that's what I am thankful for. Also very thankful my wife let me go, after I cooked the turkey of course.

For those anglers venturing out on the ice, be careful. And those hunters heading out chasing whitetails with their muzzleloader, good luck.

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