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What's Up Outdoors: Making ice

Beautiful bluegills on a not so beautiful day.

Although most Minnesotans have been a little upset with Mother Nature this week to say the least, ice fisherman have never been happier.

And let's face it we really needed an arctic week to build up some ice because people obviously were never going to stop overdoing it. With vehicles, sleds and all-terrain vehicles all over the state still dropping through the ice this should make the lakes a little "safer."

The only thing about the below zero weather I don't like is it makes hole hopping a little tougher, at least until you lose the feeling in your fingers. But even stuck inside their portables fisherman have been having good luck.

I've heard good reports on panfish and walleyes as well, but everyday has been different, and there has been really good bites followed by really bad ones. Remember when the fish are being finicky, smaller hooks, lighter line and even reducing the light and movement improve your luck. Especially when in shallow water or a really clear lake. Good luck on the water, and keep those hands warm.