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What's Up Outdoors: In a spearing mood

Dietman's first pike with a spear that belonged to the legendary nisswa guides league, Ron Kristofferson. 1 / 2
Jamie Dietman watches his decoys during a recent spear fishing outing. Photo courtesy of Jamie Dietman2 / 2

Finally with a break from the arctic air I got to go out exploring without the fear of frostbite and soon the fish also were out enjoying the warm weather.

After a couple of trips for crappies and bluegills it was time for something new. I sharpened my spear I recently purchased, and old but a goody, and then gathered some old and new decoys I've been collecting and then it was off to the dark house for a day of spearing.

Now, some people love spearing and some people don't agree with it, but it is something I grew up doing with my dad. So for that reason alone it's something that has a lot of great memories for me.

So, back to spearing, the morning was started off by a few dogfish swimming through, then crappies and bass made an appearance. But soon after I noticed the lack of little fish in the hole, then I saw a big old pike head in the corner checking out my decoy. Just sitting there for a few moments and not coming in closer, I decided to take an angle shot, tricky for anyone but given the fact I hadn't thrown a spear in 31 years made it a little trickier. As I grabbed my spear and lowered the head into the water and aimed for a shot right behind the head I thought, here goes nothing. But to my surprise when I felt the rope there was a fish on the other end, and it even hit where I was aiming. Mission complete with a bonus meal of buffalo pike on the dinner table.

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