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Lili Charlier, Warrior's 1st Girl Football Player Inspires

A pair of girls playing a sport normally reserved for boys had a chance to meet their Brainerd Warrior role model last week at Adamson Field. Kylee Soens and Natasha Van Slyke are 10-year-old fifth-grade girls playing in the Brainerd Youth Athletic Association football program this year. The player they could look up to? Lili Charlier, the first girl to play an entire season for the Warrior varsity football team. BYAA director Tim Hill and Warrior head coach Ron Stolski arranged the opportunity for the three girls to meet Oct. 3 when BYAA teams played their once-a-year games on the artificial turf following the varsity practice. The excitement and love of football was obvious in Soens and Van Slyke as they alternated between playing catch and watching the varsity practice. When they had the chance to meet Charlier afterward, you could see the awe in their eyes. “I think they’re amazing,” said Charlier.”I love that they see me as a role model, but I see them as role models for sure. I was never that brave at their age and I really think they’re incredible. I can’t wait to see them play a game sometime.”