Alpine Ski: Mount Ski Gull team skies to 8 1st's

Mount Ski Gull hosted a Northland Junior Race Series Event.

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LAKE SHORE โ€” With eight first-place finishes, the Mount Ski Gull race team enjoyed a solid showing on its home course Jan. 30 for the Northland Junoir Race Series.

Mount Ski Gull saw 53 racers compete against teams from Mont du Lac, Duluth, Detroit Mountain and Giants Ridge.

Collecting firsts were Kaleb Pape (boys 5), Kat Reyes (girls 5), Philip Majka (boys 6-7), Natalie Lunemann (girls 6-7), Alex Pape (boys 8-9), Derek Halbur (boys 14-15), Logan Omberg (boys 16-over) and Cadence Hartwig (girls 16-over).

Results from Mount Ski Gull

Boys 5: 1-Kaleb Pape 73.28, 2-Evan Noskowiak 110.52, 3-Henry Moen 139.1

Girls 5: 1-Kat Reyes 89.32, 2-Stella Anderson 93.42, 3-Zoe Steffen 106.99, 4-Everliegh Noskowiak 159.98

Boys 6-7: 1-Phillip Majka 61.57, 2-Elliot Noskowiak 64.25, 3-Thomas Grover65.09, 6-Bradley Ryan 75.06, 9-Carter Cline 84.02, 12-Lucas Pape 99.92

Girls 6-7: 1-Natalie Lunemann 62.88, 5-Thea Ude 71.36, 8-Moxie Lou Steffen 78.57, 9-83.7, 9-Reagan O'Brien 83.7, 10-Lucy Marshall 84.48, 11-Ava Marshall 84.6, 12-Franki Burton 85.48, 13-Leighton Parrish 89.3, 14-Raelynn Carey 92.49

Boys 8-9: 1-Alex Pape 56.35, 3-Ezra Noskowiak 1:01.4, 6-Oliver Pieper 1:17.4, 7-Henry Torfin 1:17.5, 8-Samuel Anderson 1:22.5, 9-Maury Zins 1:24.7, 10-Norman Majka 1:28.0, 12-Avery Moen1:33.6, 13-Bennett Isaacson 1:37.5, 16-Mac Thuringer DSQ, 18-Maxon Bussler DSQ

Girls 8-9: 5-Jewel Benson 1:06.1, 8-Kelsey Pape 1:10.3, 12-Kinsley Weiss 1:35.4, 13-Cabi Burton 1:41.0, 16-Megan Ryan DSQ, 17-Haddy Holbrook DSQ,18-Kasey Pape DSQ

Boys 10-11: 2-Jacob Halbur55.6, 3-Ashton Omberg 56.09, 11-Elijah Hayes 1:25.9, 13-Landon Hagen DSQ

Girls 10-11: 4-Clara Anderson 1:15.9, 9-Halyn Holbrook 3:06.1, 10-Johanna Benson DSQ

Boys 12-13: 4-Beau Thuringer 54.79, 9-Hakan Hall 1:17.2

Girls 12:13-10-Brenna Foy DSQ

Boys 14-15: 1-Derek Halbur 47.17

Boys 16-over: 1-Logan Omberg 43.52

Girls 16-over: 1-Cadence Hartwig 1:06.8

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