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The question that the deejay asked my in-laws at my son's wedding: โ€œHow do you stay married for 65 years?โ€ Columnist Ann Bailey comes up with an answer.
The new child care center, when filled, will have capacity for 110 children, more than doubling the amount in the existing Little Sprouts Learning Center.
Our farmyard is getting wetter by the day, thanks to a near-record amount of snowfall last winter and rain we didn't need this spring.
As an animal lover, it hurts to see on social media and reported by news organizations that animal rescues and shelters are overrun with pets that have been abandoned.
Farming is on track nationally, but in the upper Midwest, progress has been slow. Iowa farmers are ahead, but planting has been slow in South Dakota and Minnesota and nonexistent in North Dakota.
While we frequently miss out on the gradual warming and awakening of nature, those of us who live on farms can be assured that we still will have the season of mud and water.
Elliott Livestock and Wild Rose Cattle Co. were one-third of the way through calving 150 head of cows at their ranch near Clifford, North Dakota, on March 27, 2023.
Within two months, my husband, Brian, and I, will be kneeling in the garden soil, dropping seeds in furrows.
My helplessness to travel very far from our farm illustrates the power that nature holds over us.
North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota universities and teaching programs encourage prospective and practicing teachers in a variety of ways.