Area Cross-Country: Reeder, Pillager girls win

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BRANDON — Emma Reeder ran to a first-place time of 22:21 and led Pillager to a first-place finish Thursday, Oct 1.

Elsie Turner finished fourth with teammates Kylee Wilson, Ava Swanberg and Sienna Swanberg taking the next three spots.

Carter Mielke placed 15th to lead the Pillager boys


Boys results
Team scores: 2-Park Rapids 18, 2-ABE 40, 3-Pillager 85
Individual winner: Darryl Etter (PR) 17:50
Pillager results: 15-Carter Mielke 21:46, 16-Gunnar Casuse 22:11, 17-Jacob Hooge 22:44, 18-Gabe Grimsley 23:51, 19-Tyler Keppers 23:04, 20-Brenden Brichacek 23:21, 21-Micah Moyer 23:36, 22-Jayde Jordahl 26:11

Girls results
Team scores: 1-Pillager 18, 2-ABE 44, 3-Park Rapids
Individual winner: Emma Reeder (P) 22:21
Pillager results: 4-Elsie Turner 24:12, 5-Kylee Wilson 24:36, 6-Ava Swanberg 25:09, 7-Sienna Swanberg 25:09, 9-Ally Smith 25:45, 9-Jenna Woidyla 25:59
Next: Pillager in Park Region Conference meet at Wadena-Deer Creek 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 8.

Collins wins for W-DC

WADENA — Wadena-Deer Creek’s Amber Collins ran a winning time of 21:06.1 to lead the Wolverines to a first-place finish Thursday, Oct. 1.

Johanna Brunsberg and Britta Sweeney finished second and third for W-DC. Alaura Dahl of Pine River-Backus placed seventh and the Tigers finished second as a team.

Lane Hoefs of the Wolverines was a third-place finisher and Jacob Schnoor and Nathan Nations finished in fourth and fifth place for the Tigers.


Boys results
Team scores: 1-Parkers Prairie 24, 2-Pine River-Backus 42, 3-Wadena-Deer Creek 55
Individual winner: Jonathan Suchy (PP) 17:18
Pine River-Backus results: 4-Jacob Schnoor 19:51, 5-Nathan Nations 19:52, 9-Andrew Bueckers 20:23, 11-Marcus Lukanen 20:46, 13-Corbin Knapp 21:06, 18-Robert Beckers 22:52
Wadena-Deer Creek results: 3-Lane Hoefs 19:08, 10-Phillip Ross 20:23, 12-Simon Snyder 20:56.8, 14-Eric Malone 21:10.8, 16-Grant Nelson 22:25.1, 20-Trevin Kern 23:11, 21-Isaac Heppner 25:41

Girls results
Team scores: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek 17, 2-Pine River-Backus 53, 3-Parkers Prairie
Individual winner: Amber Collins (W) 21:06
Pine River-Backus results: 7-Alaura Dahl 22:50.2, 9-Ella Dahl 23:08, 10-Mara Adams 23:13.8, 12-Mimi Bueckers 24:55.4, 15-Brianna Hanneken 25:38.1
Wadena-Deer Creek results: 2-Johanna Brunsberg 21:20.5, 3-Britta Sweeney 22:38.9, 5-Emma Ries 22:41.6, 6-Lily Parker 22:47.7, 8-Emma Mehl 23:01.4, 14-Hailey Peterson 25:16.1, 16-Macey Goeden 25:56.8, 17-Emma Bushinger 26:27.4
Next: Pine River-Backus in Park Region Conference meet at Wadena-Deer Creek 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 8.

C-I girls 2nd

DETROIT LAKES — Emily Miller earned individual medalist honors with a time of 21:48.8 and the Crosby-Ironton girls earned a second-place finish behind host Detroit Lakes Thursday, Oct 1.

Ruby Westin also grabbed the 10th spot.

Joe Ringhand finished sixth for the Rangers boys and Max Erickson grabbed the 14th spot.


Boys results
Team scores: 1-Detroit Lakes 22, 2-Pelican Rapids 33, 3-Crosby-Ironton Inc.
Individual winner: Charlie Larson (PR) 18:25.6
Crosby-Ironton results: 6-Joe Ringhand 20:08, 14-Max Erickson 23:06.7

Girls results
Team scores: 1-Detroit Lakes 37, 2-Crosby-Ironton 42, 3-Pelican Rapids 46
Individual winner: Emily Miller (CI) 21:48.8
Crosby-Ironton results: 3-Anna Westin 22:08, 10-Ruby Westin 23:18.5, 11-Gabby Rosecrans 23:20.6, 17-Ellie Mitchell 24:46.8, 20-Lily Young 25:23.8
Next: Crosby-Ironton in Mid-State Conference meet at Ruttger’s Bay Lake Lodge, Deerwood noon Tuesday, Oct. 6.

Flyers grab 2 thirds

ALBANY — Courtney Loeffler’s fourth-place finish was tops for the Little Falls girls, who finished third at Albany Thursday, Oct 1.

Wyatt Baum notched a fifth-place finish for the Flyers boys.


Boys results
Team scores: 1-Cathedral 22, 2-Albany 43, 3-Little Falls 71
Individual winner: Turner Schad (C) 16:41
Little Falls results: 5-Wyatt Baum 17:27, 14-Isaac Larsen 18:44, 15-Noah Cameron 19:15, 18-Mason Petrowitz 19:44, 19-Kobe Cameron 20:02

Girls results
Team scores: 1-Cathedral 34, 2-Albany 35, 3-Little Falls 61
Individual winner: Kristine Kalthoff (A) 18:53
Little Falls results: 4-Courtney Loeffler 19:54, 7-Grace Leclair 20:25, 11-Grace Wamre 21:22, 14-Myla Baum 22:42, 15-Aliza Kresha 22:43, 16-Kylie Tervo 22:51, 21-Dani Schirmers 24:18
Next: Little Falls in Granite Ridge Conference meet at Stone Creek Golf Course, Foley, 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 10.

Pierz girls 2nd

PIERZ — Chloe Lochner scored a fifth-place finish and Carrisa Andres was right behind in sixth place as the Pierz girls placed second Thursday, Oct 1.

Gunther Dodge and Hayden Dodge led the boys with a 16th and 17th place finish. The Pierz boys team was third overall.


Boys results
Team scores: 1-Northwest Nighthawks, 2-Zimmerman, 3-Pierz
Individual winner: Luke Swanson (NW) 16:46
Pierz results: 16-Gunther Dodge 20:51, 17-Hayden Dodge 21:11, 18-Landon Schomer 21:28, 19-Guy Clemons-Virnig 21:37, 21-Tyler Foss 22:44, 22-Caleb Kuske 22:45, 23-Conner Kruse 23:26, 24-Nathan Tax 23:34

Girls results
Team scores: 1-Zimmerman, 2-Pierz, 3-Northwest
Individual winner: Haley Zimpel (Z) 19:40
Pierz results: 5-Chloe Lochner 21:56, 6-Carissa Andres 22:30, 8-Eden Andres 22:51, 11-Emma Kowalczyk 23:01, 13-Rachel Kasper 23:54, 17-Ellie Lochner 24:33, 18-Alyssa Gall 24:53, 19-Kaleah Olesch 24:55
Next: Pierz in Granite Ridge Conference meet at Stone Creek Golf Course, Foley, 1 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 10.
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