Area Cross-Country: Sweeney tops the Wadena meet


WADENA — Kira Sweeney of Wadena-Deer Creek took the top spot for the girls at the Wadena-Deer Creek meet Thursday, Sept. 17.

The Wolverines were the first place finisher of the three teams with an overall score of 17. Pillager finished in second place, led by Lindy Cordes with an eighth place finish.

For the boys the top area finish went to the Wolverines Bjorn Brunsberg with a second place finish, and Carter Mielke of Pillager with a 13th place finish.

In the overall team results, Wadena-Deer Creek finished second and Pillager in third.


Boys results
Team scores: 1-ABE 23, 2-WDC 41, 3-Pillager 79
Individual winner: Hunter Norby (ABE) 18:23.6
Wadena-Deer Creek results: 2-Bjorn Brunsberg 18:54.4, 10-Phillip Ross 20:36.2, 12-Simon Snyder 20:45.4, 14-Eric Malone 22:03.3
Pillager results: 13-Carter Mielke 21:54.1, 15-Jacob Hooge 23:43.7, 16-Gabe Grimsley 24:08.2, 17-Gunnar Casuse 24:24.2, 18-Brenden Brichacek 24:52.1

Girls results
Team scores: 1-WDC 17, 2-Pillager 43, 3-ABE 71
Individual winner: Kira Sweeney (WDC) 20:02.3
Wadena-Deer Creek results: 2-Amber Collins 21:27.5, 3-Johanna Brunsberg 22:06.9, 5-Emma Ries 23:35.0, 7-Emma Mehl 23:46.8, 13-Macey Goeden 25:27.5, 19-Hailey Peterson 26:13.4, 20-Emma Bushinger 26:46.1
Pillager results: 8-Lindy Cordes 23:50.8, 9-Allie Watson 24:29.2, 10-Greta Hall 24:29.9, 12-Elsie Turner 24:43, 14-Sienna Swanberg 25:37.5, 16-Ava Swanberg 26:05.6, 17-Kylee Wilson 26:10.5,
Next: Wadena-Deer Creek at Bertha-Hewitt 4 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 24; Pillager hosts UNC and LPGE at Madden’s Pine Beach West Golf Course.

Pequot Lakes sweeps in Menahga

MENAHGA — Ethan Johnson and Calia Chaney finished as winners as Pequot Lakes competed at Menahga Thursday, Sept. 17.

The Patriots finished in first place in the three-team event for both the boys and girls.


Jesse Clausen captured second place and Eli Hall finished third, while Carly Chaney grabbed the fourth place spot and Rian Zutter finished in fifth.

Boys results
Team scores: 1-Pequot Lakes 19, 2-Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 58, 3-United North Central 61
Individual winner: Ethan Johnson (PL) 17:22.24
Pequot Lakes results: 2-Jesse Clausen 17:35.06, 3-Eli Hall 17:41.58, 8-Eli Laposky 18:09.80, 9-Collin Yahn 18:31.75, 10-Charlie Schiessl 18:38.43

Girls results
Team scores: 1-Pequot Lakes 24, 2-United North Central 41, 3-Long Prairie-Grey Eagle 68
Individual winner: Calia Chaney (PL) 18:53.24
Pequot Lakes results: 4-Carly Chaney 20:24.09, 5-Rian Zutter 20:29.65, 6-Elisa Flaws 21:57.65, 11-Lilix Gustafson 22:52.24, 13-Isabel Larson 23:19.31
Next: Pequot Lakes hosts Breckenridge and West Central 4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 25, in Crosslake.
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