Area Cross-Country: W-DC girls win Park Region

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WADENA — Kira Sweeney, Amber Collins and Johanna Brunsberg all finished in the top five individually as the Wadena-Deer Creek Wolverines girls team won the Park Region Conference meet Thursday, Oct. 8.

Sweeney notched the No. 2 spot and Collins and Brunsberg followed her in third and fourth place.

Emma Reeder placed 11th and was the top finisher for the Pillager Huskies who finished third as a team.

W-DC’s Bjorn Brunsberg finished fourth and teammate Lane Hoefs was ninth for the fifth-place Wolverines boys.

Pine River-Backus was sixth and Pillager finished in eighth place.


Boys results
Team scores: 1-OTC 53, 2-ABE 59, 3-Parkers Prairie 71, 4-Bertha-Hewitt 93, 5-WDC 107, 6-Pine River-Backus 123, 7-NYM 239, 8-Pillager 244
Individual winner: Jonathan Suchy (PP) 17:15.1
Pillager results: 41-Jacob Hooge 22:10, 47-Gunnar Casuse 22:56.6, 50-Gabe Grimsley 23:22.4, 52-Micah Moyer 23:49.1, 54-Brenden Brichacek 24:08.3, 56-Jayde Jordahl 26:16.6
Pine River-Backus results: 21-Jacob Schnoor 20:01, 24-Nathan Nations 20:16.7, 25-Andrew Bueckers 20:20.7, 26-Marcus Lukanen 20:26.8, 27-Corbin Knapp 20:35.9, 35-Isaiah Aulie 21:11.3, 45-Robert Bueckers 22:21.8
Wadena-Deer Creek results: 4-Bjorn Brunsberg 18:29.6, 8-Lane Hoefs 19:07.8, 28-Phillip Ross 20:39.2, 33-Eric Malone 20:59.7, 34-Simon Snyder 21:01.8, 40-Grant Nelson 22:06.4, 44-Trevin Kern 22:17.7

Girls results
Team scores: 1-WDC 25, 2-OTC 61, 3-Pillager 98, 4-UNC 101, 5-ABE 173, 6-Parkers Prairie 180
Individual winner: Anjalie Aho (UNC) 19:54
Pillager results: 11-Emma Reeder 22:59.5, 13-Lindy Cordes 23:10.9, 16-Greta Hall 23:21.4, 28-Elsie turner 24:29.3, 30-Ava Swanberg 25:06.5, 33-Sienna Swanberg 25:39.8, 40-Kylee Wilson 27:18
Pine River-Backus results: 19-Mara Adams 23:33.6, 27-Mimi Bueckers 24:27.5, 38-Kelsey Bergem 26:46.9
Wadena-Deer Creek results: 2-Kira Sweeney 20:20, 3-Amber Collins 21:09.6, 4-Johanna Brunsberg 21:14.7, 7-Britta Sweeney 22:38.6, 9-Emma Mehl 22:46.7, 15-Emma Ries 23:16.3, 18-Lily Parker 23:24.6
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